Digital Marketing Trends Predicted for 2015: Why They Matter To You

Digital Marketing has become a central and indispensable tool for brands wishing to make an impact over the last five years. It is a platform on which small and large businesses alike can make their footprint, boost sales and gain loyal customers.

Technology is continuously developing, and this means our online marketing needs to keep up. Take a look at some predictions for 2015…

1. Mobile Video

There’s no denying that online video consumption is at an all time high, with the average person spending five hours a week watching media online, may that be TV, short videos or films. The majority of people are watching online videos through mobile devices, and this number will only increase in 2015.

What does this mean for you?

  • Video marketing is crucial; how-to videos, demonstrations of your products in action and downloadable video instructions will be key for keeping on top of your game in 2015.
  • Making sure it is mobile-optimised is essential
2. Smart Watches and Technological ‘Wearables’

The rise of the wearable is upon us, with people now sporting health bracelets, trackers and digital watches. With the upcoming release of the Apple watch during 2015, this market is only going to get bigger. This means smartwatches will be a new, and important platform to reach consumers instantly and directly.

3. Time To Get Personal

The key objective of online marketing is to get people to interact with your content. There’s no better way to do this then making sure you provide something personal, relevant and interesting. Look out for businesses using apps such as SnapChat as a more personal means of communication, rather than a generic advertising photo. Taco Bell have been successfully using the app throughout 2014, and it’s time other groups got on the bandwagon!

4. Marketing Will Get Even More Inventive

2015 will see a rise in creative content marketing, that will be interesting and engaging. We have seen some fantastic tweets, articles and videos produced this year, that have involved a lot of effort, informed customers and made us laugh or cry. This will be a continuing trend in the next year with businesses using online platforms as a way to share content, but only if it is interesting, engaging and worthwhile.

5. Get Instagram-ing

This is the year to start snapping and sharing, as Instagram is on target to be THE social media platform to be seen on in 2015. With visual becoming the way to engage with more followers, and posts with a photo have almost double the impact, there’s no wonder this is the social media site to be spending your time on next year, especially for B2C marketing.

6. LinkedIn Is The Place For B2B Marketing

It is already the dominating platform for business to business marketing, and this is a trend that looks set to continue through 2015. The new publishing platform is an excellent opportunity for businesses to create interesting and engaging long form content, that will be valuable for followers and readers.

7. Paid Social Advertising Will Take-Off

Most mainstream social media platforms have some form of advertising opportunities. 2015 will be the year when businesses take the time to develop social ads, and really get to understand them and how they can benefit from it. Budgets will start to incorporate the cost of online social media advertising, and new effective monitoring tools will mean that businesses can see what is working, and the impact it is having. Be ready to see more promoted adverts in the New Year.