Five Essential Tools To Help Anyone Design

One of the biggest hurdles in managing your own digital marketing campaigns is making sure everything you put out there in the eye of your customer looks great. You might find that you have lots of free and helpful advice from all quarters of the internet on when you should post, what you should post, and how you should post to different social media platforms. However it is tricky to make what you are putting out there look professional without any prior training or ‘natural ability’.

Luckily for those who are new to the digital marketing world, or don’t have the spare funds to commission external design work on a regular basis, a few incredible (and free) platforms and websites are available for you to use as often as you need to.

I personally think these sites are the way forward, and provide a great basis for learning design basics so that if you are ever keen to take the plunge into hand-crafting your own artwork, you have a good foundation already.

In no particular order, below are my top five sites for producing your own free and beautifully designed artwork, posters and prints.


In a nutshell, Gratisography provides free, easy to download high-res images that you can use for your commercial or personal projects. With new additions each week, you no longer need to rely on the cheesy and often overpriced photos found in the traditional stock image galleries. Take a look:

Visit the site


Another salute to the rise in free high-res stock images. Unsplash provides free (in their words ‘do whatever you want’) photos for you to download and display. With ten new images added every single day, and a great range to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice.

Take a look


One of my personal favourite websites. Canva aims to make graphic design accessible to all and it does so with incredible ease. Choose from a stock layout, or begin from scratch, and add various components to the image to create your own downloadable beautifully designed poster, banner or e-card in minutes. Fancy learning what goes into making an image look great, then enrol in the Canva Design School and learn the very principles behind graphic design. It is really worth signing up for:

Go and start creating


I have recently been lucky enough to stumble upon Venngage, a great new platform which allows you to create great looking infographics for free! They believe that everyone should be able to make data visual, and want to be able to provide the end user with a great design experience at the same time.

They have a selection of tutorials to help you get started, and also a great base of neat looking free templates to support you when making a product.

If you want to purchase their premium plans, they are very affordable and offer a free trial.

Try Venngage

Editor by

This free online editor allows you to touch-up your images and photos with ease, without you needing to download large or costly design software in the process. It is user friendly, especially for those who may have used Photoshop or GIMP before. Have a try and enhance your photos to add that professional edge before publishing.

Try Editor


This tool is incredible for making infographics and banners, in little to no time. They even provide templates for you to work from should you wish to have a little more support in the designing field. Create insightful and interesting content for your website to promote your company in under an hour. For those wishing to spend a little more, the premium service is really well priced and allows for access to premium templates in addition to being able to download the finished products in PDF format and without a small watermark on the bottom.

Get Infograph-ing 

Overall, there are so many websites out there to help you, it just takes some time to learn the ropes and find out which one works best for you. Let me know of any notable additions that you would have personally included on the list below.

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