How To Get Your Dream Job in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is becoming a key focus for almost all businesses and organisations, and this is a trend that will only grow as we move through 2015. Everyone is feeling the ‘pull and power’ of digital sharing and the opportunities it can offer, one top tweet can make a brand, where as one bad tweet could have an on-going negative impact.

This is excellent news for those of you out there who want to break in to the industry and secure your dream top job in the digital marketing arena! If you love social media, are passionate about SEO or have crafty hands that make dreamy pieces of artwork and design, then this could be the field for you. Want to know how you can get your dream role? Well I have a few tips and stories from my experiences that may just help you out!

Experience, experience and you got it…more experience

If you have a degree in Marketing or business, that’s fantastic, but a lot of digital marketers choose their career pathway out of interest, or personal expertise gained outside of the workplace. Most employers ask that digital marketers have some degree of experience when they apply for the role, and this is something you can gain quite easily if you have the willingness and drive. Ways to do it include:

  • Starting a blog: Write down your ideas, thoughts and share your knowledge about the digital marketing world.
  • Do an internship (or three) with various companies with different audiences and markets. This way you can show how you can market effectively in different environments to different people. Employers will really value this – especially if you have proven results. Internships are readily available at many companies, big and small. Plus, many advertise via Twitter and other online communities, making it easy to find yourself that perfect role.
  • Can’t land an internship? Consider volunteering or helping out a local business or family friend. Many small businesses and charities need to get an online presence, but don’t have the resources to do so. How about giving a few hours of your time a week to gain experience, and also feel great by helping someone out!
  • Do an online course, there are plenty available, including the new Google Digital Marketing course and CIM diplomas.

Be interesting, and sell yourself online

Make sure you keep on top of your own personal online presence, you need to be able to show that you can build your own personal brand if you are to be responsible for building someone else’s. This also means that you need to be mindful of what you are sharing. No one wants to employ someone who is moaning about Mondays before they have even started! Share your work, your blog and your artistically photographed dinner that you just love Instagramming, but be mindful that you are seeking work in a digital environment so they will check you out!

However don’t think more followers means more impact. You need to make sure you are engaging with the people in your community, and people are interested in what you have to say. Make your content worth reading, and worth sharing.

Keep on the pulse and in the know

Because of the way the internet works, and the fact that trends are ever-changing, you need make sure you are in the loop and ahead of the game. Technology is evolving and being released on a regular, shockingly fast basis, and this means you need to make sure you know how to market using it.

Follow two or three key blogs, and get email updates. Even better, follow your digital marketing heroes on Twitter to see their thoughts and processes and well as their top tips!

Get out there! 

Make sure you attend local meetups, industry events and conferences if you have the time and resources. Many digital marketing groups meet for coffee (or something stronger) in big cities on a regular basis. Plus, this is a chance to talk to those in the business, find out how they got there, and their top tips for you to do the same.

Smarten up that CV

So you now have the experience, and maybe some new qualifications under your belt, you need to be showing it. Top tips for your resume include:

  • Get on LinkedIn, make connections, and get endorsed. It isn’t cheeky to ask employers for recommendations, just make sure you return the favour.
  • Demonstrate that you have produced results on your CV – don’t just state your responsibilities, tell employers what you did with them. Did you see a 50% increase in followers, or a 7% rise in engagement for a brand, well then shout about it!
  • Make a digital alternative to your paper CV, and showcase your talents alongside your skills.

Good luck, and I hope you are soon in your dream role.

Any other suggestions for how to get a job in Digital marketing? Write them below!

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