Social Media Frequency: Are you posting the right amount for optimum engagement?

If I was to ask you to recall a company who you think posts too frequently on Twitter or Facebook, or a Facebook Ad that you have seen that often in the last week you know it off by heart, I doubt it would take you too long to think of it.

I personally saw an advertisement for a gym clothing company with 20% my first order so many times, I ended up unfollowing them. This could be considered a loss for the brand, as I quite like their clothes and prices, and would usually be keen on any offers they had to share.

This highlights a dilemma that organisations, and often their social media marketers, face on a daily basis. You want to engage with your followers, and you want to see returns but you don’t want to drive them away.

Firstly, we will look at the right type of content to be posting and some key rules. Then I will give you a guide to how much per day you should post for optimum engagement.

Top Content Tips

  • Make sure what you are posting is interesting – you may post at optimum times, but if it doesn’t appeal to your audience, or share something worth reading, people are not going to engage with it.
  • Make your content unique. People like to read something new, and people often share ideas or information they have never heard before to inform others. You like to be a ‘trend-setter’ and share something interesting first, we all do. Make your content that new and unique fact that must be shared.
  • Make it visual. Be it a video, image, infographic etc. People love visual, and you can tap into this interest by making your own visual content.
  • Think from the customer point of view. Would you be interested in what’s being posted, and have you seen too much from your brand already today?

How Often Should You Post

Now we have talked about what you should be posting, it’s time to look at when and how frequently you should share your information.

Ideally, the best way to work this out is to post, measure and respond to your social media platforms. What this means is:

  1. Choose your social media site, such as Twitter, and post your tweets for a week.
  2. Use the free Twitter analytics tool to see how well each post is doing. Do you engage less if you post twice in an hour? Do you engage more if you post 3 times a day rather than 10? Does your engagement drop off the more you tweet? Measure all this
  3. Now it’s time to respond to your findings. Get the highest traffic and clicks in the morning, then post at this time each day. Find no one is listening and you’re losing followers if you post more than five times a day? Then make sure you don’t go over this benchmark.

However, for a rough guide, let’s talk about How Often You Should Post on Each Platform:


  • Various social measuring sites such as socialbakers and digitalinformationworld suggest that three tweets a day is optimum.
  • However, if you want to be seen more, and share your content frequently because you have so much unique content to share, you may find more tweets (15+) still provides high levels of engagement.
  • If you’re a small business or have a personal account, I’d say 3-4 tweets a day is ideal.

3-4 Tweets a day


  • Post less than twice a week? You’re probably going to lose interest from followers because you are not giving them enough reward for following your brand.
  • Post more than twice a day? You’re on the path to losing followers and stepping over the line into annoying rather than engaging.
  • So what is best? I would recommend one post a day maximum, and three posts a week minimum.


  • Instagram rules are quite simple. As long as your picture is good, and relevant to your followers – post it. Simple as that.

If the picture is good, post it! 


  • There are so many people you can reach on LinkedIn, and with the new posts feature, you can make the most of it by sharing either an update or unique article three times a week. The good thing about LinkedIn is that it tells you, on log-in, your engagement for the week. This way you can easily see if what you are doing is attracting views, whether you’re not doing enough, or if you could be annoying people by posting too much!

Three times a week! 


  • At least once a week
  • If you can set a regular day to schedule posts, do so! People will know when to check for new content and it will build up loyalty.
  • More if possible, and if the video you are posting contains interesting content

Once a week, and on a set day

WordPress (and other blogging sites)

  • Two to three times a week is best, as long as what you are posting is genuinely useful
  • This means you have time to write in-depth posts with lots of useful and informative information.
  • Writing daily might drive more traffic to your blog, but it won’t have people captivated in what you are saying if you haven’t written something worth reading.

Twice a week, and worth reading!

Above are some simple benchmarks, which I have summarised below. The best rule for seeing if you are posting too little or too much however is to use analytics tools (there are plenty out there, free and paid) and going on a journey of trial and error!

Good luck out there!

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