Tweeter’s Block – 10 Quick Social Media Content Ideas

Sometimes as a digital marketer, with several social media sites to manage alongside my personal blog, I get what I call ‘Tweeter’s Block’. You have probably had it too. Even with a flawless year-long social media strategy, you might struggle to find fillers that engage with followers on a daily basis. If you ever find yourself thinking:

“What should I write or talk about today?”

You are probably in the top 99% of us who sometimes need some help to spark an idea about what to write about. Bookmark or print this list and see if it helps you over the next couple of weeks with what to share online.

Many of you may also know someone who doesn’t partake in social media or online blogging because they simply have no idea what to say or share. It is a tricky issue and you can often get round it by following a few golden rules and prompts.

1. Q&A – Share your knowledge!

The best think that you can share is your own knowledge. If you are particularly skilled at something, or frequently get asked a question as a business, why not share what you know. We love learning new skills and ideas. Post a recipe for your renowned delicious cheesecake, or how to make the perfect puff pastry. Why not host a question and answer session one evening to help your followers learn more about you as a person or brand, as well as giving them some useful and interesting tips at the same time!

  • Share tips for being a great workplace manager
  • Tell people how to book a cheap holiday by sourcing different deals
  • Give people a challenge for the week – 10 days eating Vegan, with some of your recipes!

If you want to share a recipe, quote or quick tip – make it look good in sections by using Pablo by buffer. We all know images double your social engagement!

2. Coupon it!

Have a brand or business? Why not give your followers something free to brighten up their day. It could be a Ten Percentage Off on Tuesday voucher, a free cut with any colour if you are a hairdresser or free shipping for the weekend. It’s up to you what you share, but we all love a good freebie. Make your voucher look professional at no cost using Canva (no design skills necessary!)

3. Behind the scenes

Are you an events business, a makeup artist or a catering company? We all want to know what goes on behind the scenes before a big event and love to see how you work. Why not make a short video or share some images of what you get up to?

If it’s a personal account, show us how you make your latest YouTube video rather than giving us the polished final piece, and add some valuable top tips for aspiring Vloggers at the same time. If you’re a model, you should give us a peek behind the scenes at the big catwalk events!

4. Events

Share your event, or a local event that will be of interest to your followers. They will thank you for the opportunity and giving them the information of local happenings in their area. Make sure you tell them why they need to go as well as what it is. Examples could include:

“Local social media skills event, get knowledge to help grow your small business online”

“Business networking lunch, make valuable connections to help boost your career today”

5. Things you like – as simple as that

Tell us what you are into today. Fancy a cup of coffee? Tell us about it and if the place you got it from is any good, we might want to go there one day!

What about shoes you are wearing today, and where you got them from. Are they comfy? Reasonably priced? Share the knowledge!

Pictures of your pet, because…aww.

6. Before and After

We all love a good before and after photo, because we like to imagine what we can do to improve our own furniture, décor, hairstyle or baked goods.

If you are a decorator show us your skills with a brush with a before and after shot of a project you’ve been commissioned for. Same with a hairdresser, because we want to see what you can do with hair before we let you touch ours!

Before and after pictures tend to do really well on social media and so this is something you can certainly use as a prompt when you’re short of ideas. Give it a try today

7. Share Achievements

Have you recently gained a new qualification? Have you opened a new store or are you relocating to a new prime area? Let us know about your successes so we can celebrate with you!

Shout about your business or self in a positive way from time to time, and let us know why we should be following you.

8. This or that – Give a choice

This or that posts do extremely well on social media because we just love to pick our side and defend it against those who disagree. Why not ask which cake you should share the recipe for and cook today? Or even just ask which book you should read next?

People love to share their opinions and knowledge, so encourage followers to vote for your ideas today by giving them a choice.

9. Quote pictures

Well and truly stuck for ideas? Go for a social media security post with a meaningful quote on a picture. If you’re a brand, make sure you make it relatable to what do you or sell. Again, Pablo by buffer does a great job of making any quote look sharable in seconds:

10. Make a list and tweet it!

Finally, make a trusty list of knowledge that you can share and promote the link on your social media accounts with a catchy tagline to grab attention. Share the top ten things to do to get yourself noticed in the office, or maybe five ways in which you can speak more confidently at events.

As you can see from my previous posts about content and lists, people love to read a list as it gives them knowledge in a digestible format. Plus it often has an underlying promise that means if they read your information, they will be able to do something or know something new at the end of it.

There you go, ten ideas to get you going again on social media and to overcome your mind blank. If you can think of any other suggestions, please comment below and share with us!

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