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Organic Candle Crafting: How to easily make luxury candles at home

One of my favourite ways to unwind is to make a warm cup of coffee, light candles and read the evening away snuggled up in bed with my kittens (bonus marks if it is the right season for a fire).

I used the end of my last Archipelago soy candle, which was generously gifted to me, just before I moved out of my little cottage at the end of August. I therefore was looking out for something that smelt just as good when an idea popped into my head – why didn’t I just make one myself?

By making my own, I could really experiment with fragrances to make sure that I got something that I really loved. I could also practice for a few months and, if I got slightly good, create unique candles for people for Christmas. I could tailor them to smells and scents that remind me of them. This would also promote my ‘less material, more thoughtful’ outlook on life. I love vanilla and jasmine, so that’s the scent I went for when mixing my own candles. Next time, I want to experiment with lavender – so watch this space!

I never actually realised how easy it could actually be to make my own candle. So, what do you need to get crafting:

Organic Soy Wax (1)

I would advise buying high quality organic soy wax. You can get this at a really good price from eBay (where I got mine). I found the teacups and old pan in a local charity store, and the fragrance I again got off eBay but you can buy it in most craft stores.


My collection of quirky candle jars

Now the steps:

  1. Make sure you cover the surface you are going to be working on – you don’t want to get hot wax on it and ruin it.
  2. Get a large old pan that you don’t mind ruining and pop it on the side.
  3. Measure out your soy wax. To get an accurate amount of what you will need, take the candle jar or teacup that your finished product will go in, and fill it with soy wax. Pour the wax into the large pan and do it again.
    For each container, you need to fill it with wax twice and pour into the pan to get the right amount.


    Wax in a pan

  4. Turn the pan on a low heat, and gently stir the wax until it has all melted.

    Almost melted!

    Almost melted!

  5. When all melted, turn off the wax and let it cool for around 15-20 minutes or until the wax is going cloudy and the wax is thickening.
  6. Pour in several drops of your chosen fragrances – time to get creative and stir. Leave to cool for another 5-10 minutes. Keep sniffing to get the scent right!
  7. If you’re adding colouring, do it at this point. Give it another good stir. It should still be pourable at this point, if it isn’t gently warm it just a little.
  8. Put your wicks into the containers. I use a little candle wax to stick them to the bottom. Then pour in your hot wax until it is ¾ full.

    Poured into containers

    Poured into containers

  9. When it is almost set – make a few holes in the wax (around 4-5) with a wooden stick or sharp edge.
  10. Pour in a little more hot wax until the container is full.
  11. Allow it to set.
  12. Trim your wick if you need to.
  13. Let the candles rest for at least 48 hours before lighting.

The finished product – ready for relaxing!

There you have it. Mine turned out good but I am happy that I have a few months to practice before Christmas so I can get the perfect for presents.


‘Take a photo of me and not your new candle!’ – Arthur Weir 2015.

Share pictures of how yours turned out and other top tips with me if you try this out. Can’t wait to see them all.


    • L Weir says

      You should try it Hannah, it’s actually good fun and they smell so good! If you do give it a go, I would love to see a picture or two!


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