Why you never knew Grey was the best colour.

I love the colour Grey; I find it calming, peaceful and balanced. If you ever are to visit me at home, you will realise that my décor follows a very simplistic palette. It is 70% grey, with white and black highlights.

I never set out to live my life in monochrome, but I find that I am naturally drawn to cool desaturated neutral shades compared to bright and eye-catching colours. My wardrobe follows a similar pattern. I live in black, white and grey but accent it with pops of colour with items such as my trusty camel coat and tan leather satchels.

I think this is because as I have minimised my wardrobe, I have realised that these classic neutral tones are so easy to mix and match. All black looks smart, all grey looks professional, and all white looks elegant and classic. By also wearing fewer colours, I am open to be more experimental with my hair and makeup choices, which is fun to do. However I have to admit the looks never turn out like the experts on Instagram and YouTube who can nail a plum lipstick and look classically autumnal, where as I tend to look washed out and perhaps more rebellious teenager than demure fall fashionista.

My grey favourites to unwind

When I want to unwind, I light my candles, wrap up in my grey throws and snuggle down in my neutral bedroom to just peacefully reflect on the day. I couldn’t imagine doing that in a room full of colour and excitement. To me, grey is peace, grey is tranquil, grey is balance.

I love grey, and here’s why you should too:

Grey is a perfect neutral

Grey doesn’t age, and it is a perfect neutral for backgrounds and walls. This is why designers tend to use it often as a background or when creating classic timeless pieces.


Grey is calm

The coolest of all colours, Grey can create an air of serenity and balance. For people who are trying to simplify their lives and live less hectically, a room filled with cool greys and fresh whites can do wonders for the mind.

Grey looks classic

If you are looking to give your wardrobe that classic edge, a tailored grey coat or silk grey shirt can add an air of luxury and timelessness to your daily outfits.


Grey makes other colours pop

If you want to make your room, logo design or outfit look incredible, use grey as a base and use a feature colour to then make it ‘pop’. Think bright oranges, reds and mustard yellows.

An all grey room looks classic, but add a painting above the fireplace with bright featured colours, and you will have a room that looks like a vision from an interior design expert’s mind.

“Don’t define your world in black and white, because there is so much hiding amongst the greys”

What’s your favourite colour, and why? Tell me in the comments below.

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