How are you wasting your time? Start doing the extraordinary today.

If you could just give me ten minutes of your time right now, I want you have a good long hard think back over the last year about things you have wanted to do. Places you’ve wanted to see, books you’ve wanted to read. Grab a pen and paper, your phone’s notes app or type it. Just make me a list of your current wants and wishes.

I have made myself a list to show you what experiences, wishes and things I have been wanting to do, but for one reason or another putting off and delaying over the last year. Some are big adventures, others can be summarised as little snippets of me time that I haven’t quite managed to enjoy just yet.

Of course I couldn’t photograph my list without my favourite photobomber getting involved. 


To me, this is a list of things that I know would make me happy, fill my weekend with fun and adventure and also ensure I was making the most out of the hours in the day.

So why haven’t I been doing them?

Last year I worked hard to try and make my life less ‘busy’ (read that adventure here) and banish that word from my vocabulary for good. Why? Because being busy, and leading a hectic life that is filled to the brim, has become the new normal. Our society seems to measure people more and more on their productivity and output. We are expected to manage hundreds of emails, whilst making time to exercise, pampering and pruning ourselves and yet still preparing for several meetings a day, and then be sociable in the evenings, oh and don’t forget you need to tweet all about this throughout the day so everyone is aware of how much you are really doing. Even typing all of that was exhausting.

I tried to instead ensure that day to day I was doing things which:

  • Aligned with my priorities
  • Saved time as I had less stuff to clean, fold and organise (minimising my possessions)
  • Worked towards ticking off my bucket list
  • Involving quality me time.

However when I look at my list of things I am currently intending to do when I have time, it appears that I might have slipped a little in this area.

To combat this I have documented yesterday, a typical Monday, to show what I actually get up to on a daily basis. It went a little like this.

  • Wake up
  • Wash get ready and browse news apps / social media
  • Put on makeup and do hair
  • Walk to work
  • Work
  • Walk home
  • Get home and tidy up
  • Cook dinner
  • Play with cats
  • Eat dinner
  • Organise gas / electricity bill
  • Book excursions for Sardinia
  • Watch Making a Murderer
  • Browse the web some more
  • Read my book
  • Sleep

Sure, a lot of what I do on a daily basis is necessary. I mean working, eating and playing with my cats are a daily staple for me. However perhaps I need to be looking at how I am spending my ‘filler’ time, and also making sure that when I am not working such as on weekends, I am not spending my time doing the odd chore and job around the house or idly browsing social media and I am ticking off my good intentions list instead.

For me, saying but first…’I will do the dishes’ or but first…’I will just finish this quick Xbox game’ is no longer an option. Because what could be worse than looking back in 50 years knowing I have only done the necessary, and missed out on all of the opportunity?

What are you going to remember after all? The experiences, or the day to day necessary? I know what stands out to me over the last two years.

I now resolve to do less of the ordinary, and more of the extraordinary. How about you?

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