Take Control Of Your Mornings

What do you tend to do as soon as you wake up in the morning? Do you immediately start getting ready and then busy about packing lunch for the day, ironing shirts and then fly out the door ready to get to work on time? Does every weekday pretty much feel the same? Same cup of coffee consumed in the same place after your alarm set at the same time each day has startled you out of your slumber?

I guess for the majority of us, that’s the case. In fact, it used to be exactly what I did before I realised the value and importance of having (or actually, not really having) a morning ritual that actually involves some time to prepare myself for the day ahead.

A lot of people I talk to about mornings have the same response.

‘Ugh, I am just not a morning person’

But then they proceed to ask me how I do it, how do I get up early every day?

It’s simple, as soon as I rouse, be it 5am, 6.30am or 7am, I get up. I see this as my body’s natural way of telling me I am well and truly rested, and it’s time to get up and embrace the day. I didn’t find this easy at first, but it quickly became a habit.

Mornings for me mean an opportunity to start my day right, doing something peaceful and productive. As long as I do my morning right, the rest of my day tends to follow in the same fashion.

I don’t keep to a fixed routine and I this is part of the joy of mornings for me.

Let’s take this morning for example.

I was feeling a little more tired than usual this morning so I didn’t get out of bed until 7am. I got up and wandered downstairs and enjoyed 20 minutes solitude with a fresh coffee and a book, I Am Pilgrim (which by the way, is an excellent read!) I then washed, dressed (clothes laid out the night before so that I wouldn’t take up time choosing in the morning) and applied my makeup.


I spent the last 20 minutes this morning writing this post. However often when I rise at 6 and I have another hour to spare I will do some exercise, perhaps listen to some music or just hang out and play with my cats.

Then I have a nice stroll to work, where I catch up with my husband and think over my plans for the day.

If I do my morning routine right, treating it as a blank canvas to enjoy a hobby or read an article with a cup of coffee, the rest of my day just feels good.

My cosy morning corner

Plus, it really stops me from leading that ‘busy’ lifestyle we all tend to get caught up in now and then.

Tell me about your morning routine, or start getting up as soon as you are awake (be that by alarm or naturally). I want to hear how you start your day right.

Tomorrow – No spending for 24 hours. 

30 days minimalism

4 thoughts on “Take Control Of Your Mornings”

  1. Wonderful! I find so many people rush around in the morning and thus hate mornings. I’ve found waking up early and having a relaxing start makes for a much happier me throughout the day. Fantastic post.


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