Can You Go 24 Hours Without Spending A Penny?

If you recorded absolutely everything you spent on a weekend, do you think it would surprise you? Shock you? Worry you?

With debit cards, contactless payments and online shopping, it is now incredibly easy to buy anything and everything within seconds, and with little thought behind it.

We quite often just buy for the sake of buying.

I know the drill, where you see a pair of shoes in the sale for £25 instead of £100. They’re lovely shoes, from a well-known brand, and you know you’ll get an instant buzz from buying them and treating yourself. So you do it. Then you start walking home, and pop into a deli to get a quick drink and a sandwich, paying contactlessly. You get in that evening and rent a movie from Amazon because you don’t fancy any of the hundreds of Netflix and NowTV options on offer, and then you do a quick online browse as you’ve seen via Facebook that ASOS have 50% off all jeans today. So why the hell not.

This is all what I call emotional spending. Buying for that instant buzz or immediate gratification. It’s not stuff we need to survive, and actually, the happy feeling you get from snagging that 75% off designer handbag doesn’t actually last that long.

I challenge you to go 24 hours without spending a thing. It’s actually much harder than you think.

I almost did it today, on payday of all days, and it highlighted a few things to me.

(I would have gone the full 24 hours had we not had a plumbing nightmare / washing machine delivery delay meaning I had to do both the Lidl shop earlier than expected and get an emergency mop! I will try it again this weekend to properly complete the challenge.)

The highlights:

I have a whole big jar of coffee in my work draw and yet I buy two a day usually, which okay only costs around 40p, but over a year that’s around £100. That’s flights to a European country for two!


You don’t need to go out to have a great evening. I stayed in. On payday Friday! And I had a good time. More often than not it’s the company who make it a good evening anyway, so from now on I am going to plan more nights in. Half the cost, and you get to socialise in your pyjamas so it’s a win-win situation for me.

I need to stop drinking diet coke. I didn’t buy a can today and we had ran out at home. I think I am addicted to that fizzy goodness. Time to detox.

I buy far too many books using Amazon Prime.

Can you managed to not spend anything for 24 hours? Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

If you did manage it, share the post with the fact that you did it…because that’s pretty amazing. Go you!

Tomorrow: Sort out your phone clutter

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2 thoughts on “Can You Go 24 Hours Without Spending A Penny?”

  1. In Germany, all shops are closed on sundays. So we naturally get our buy-nothing-day every week, unless we go online.


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