Simple Ways To Minimise Your Junk Drawer

We all need a place to store the bits and pieces in our lives which have no specific home. I am talking batteries, tea-lights, pens and pencils and so on.

For many people, this is a junk drawer or two in the living room, kitchen or entrance hall. For others, it could be a box, cupboard or shelf. It’s the place where to go to when you need to store that item you just don’t know where to place.

I used to have a few junk drawers, however now I am down to one. I don’t believe in the need to have no junk drawers, I think they all play an important role in our busy lives. What I do think is that we need to maintain them and be honest about their contents in order to keep them as clutter and fuss free as possible.


To keep my drawer as clutter free as possible I tend to give it a good dose of TLC at least once a month.


How to declutter your junk drawer

I take the drawer, and turn it onto the coffee or kitchen table, and I get sorting. Often there are at least five things you can minimise instantly from your junk drawer to make it a little more inviting:

  1. Old pens and pencils, or an excess of both
  2. Used batteries
  3. Coins (especially foreign currency!)
  4. Stationary items such as post-it notes, tape and scissors
  5. Keys

If it’s old, used, you have duplicates or it’s a key that doesn’t fit a lock, it needs to go. Make sure you recycle it responsibly though!

I think you should go give your junk drawer, box, cupboard or hidden storage space ten minutes of decluttering love right now. I promise you’ll feel better for it.

I do this every month, and every month my drawer gets taken back down to the fuss free and manageable level of junk drawer that suits my minimalist way of living.

Tomorrow: Get on top of your inbox

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