Salt wick Bay Yorkshire Painting

Minimise Your Possessions: Clear your walls and surfaces.

It’s more unusual to find a house without decorative items accessorising the walls, window sills, mantelpiece and shelves, than to find one with.

We have become naturally accustomed to furnishing our habitats with personalised items that make us feel more ‘at home’ within our surroundings.

Photographs of special moments, art we are particularly fond of, and small pieces of memorabilia fill our surfaces of each of our rooms.

This is all okay, as long as you are not furnishing for the sake of furnishing. There are several reasons why I try to limit what is on my sides and surfaces at home:

Time It takes longer to clean a room if you have to dust under and around various ornaments, frames, decorative bowls and mirrors. I only have a few key pieces which I really value in each room, making it much easier to clean my house and spend my time doing something far more enjoyable such as curling up with a good book.

Money I could spend £10 on that new candle, £20 on that vase, and £50 on that frame however I could also spend all of that on two flights to Italy. I certainly know what I would remember when I looked back on life. Eating spaghetti in San Marcos Square beats having yet another glass holder for flowers.

Gifts Quite often, decorative items are bestowed upon us as gifts. Therefore why do we find the need to add to this collection ourselves? I personally  have been lucky enough to receive a gorgeous print for our study as a wedding present, an incredible painting for the living room as a housewarming present from our mother in law, and a beautiful vase as a gift from a very special aunt for my birthday last year. These all mean way more than something I might have discovered in TK Maxx. I keep these items as they add value to my life, without detracting from my experiences.

Boxing up my possessions – with the help of my biggest and furriest possession.

Your Turn – Minimise Your Rooms

  • I challenge you today to box up all the decorative items from one room. Put them all away (carefully if delicate!) and hide this box under a bed or in a cupboard for 30 days.
  • If you feel like you are missing an item, take it out of the box and put it back.
  • After 30 days, see what is left in the box.
  • If you haven’t missed it in this time, does it need to stay, or can you donate it to a new home?
  • Honestly, you come to love the less is more decorative feeling very quickly.

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