Minimise Your Online Footprint – Google Yourself Today

Have you ever typed your name into a search engine, and looked through the pages and pages of results seeing traces of your internet past listed here for all to see?

If you do this, you’ll probably find several old social media profiles, perhaps a link to a content sharing site where you made a profile to share great articles, and maybe an old blog or two you started but didn’t continue with.

It’s great to see these profiles for nostalgic reasons. What it is not so great for is future employers, dates or new friends to seeing the Myspace account you made when you were 10.

Today I challenge you to Google yourself, and then set about deleting and archiving any old accounts, profiles or usernames you no longer need.

Today, I took a big step and deleted my Twitter account. I used to use it regularly for work, but I no longer use the platform for leisure. It’s purely a place where I conduct social media marketing or analysis. It might be a little rash, but there’s really no need to keep five years of sharing my thoughts online if even I don’t see the use in them anymore.

 So off you go, clear out the cobwebs of your web history today.

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