Minimalist Wardrobe – Refine Your Style and Waste Less

Do you regularly go shopping and return home with a new collection of clothes that you might wear once or twice, but as a whole they actually don’t work well with much of the other items you already own?

I want you to think back over the last year. How much do you reckon you might have spent on clothes, bags and accessories? Hundreds, thousands, maybe more? Enough to go on a worldwide adventure, or to fly to a destination of your dreams?

How often do you have ‘wardrobe clear-outs’ and give away several bags full of perfectly good clothes to charity, because they no longer suit your style?

By investing our time and money into clothes which we buy to make us feel good after a hard day at work, clothes that look amazing on the hanger even though it’s not usually what we wear, or another pair of similar earrings because they might just give our outfit an edge, we are detracting from what matters. Investing in ourselves.

Use the money you are spending on a new pair of shoes to go on that dream adventure with a close friend. Spend the cost of that new dress on language lessons to finally be able to tick off that bucket list goal of speaking two languages.

And along the way, refine your own personal style so that what you do buy is timeless, matches your own signature look and works for the kind of life you are living. Make your wardrobe practical for you.

What I challenge you to do is:

  1. Declutter your wardrobe using this previous post here.
  2. Refine your own personal style and use this as a template for future purchasing.
  3. Develop your own signature look.
  4. Spend less on clothes that don’t matter, and invest more in you.

For the first 10 readers who sign up, I am offering a chance to be part of a first four-step wardrobe revamp evening on the 12th June in York. We will look at:

  • Planning your wardrobe aims and dreams
  • Defining your style at the moment
  • Minimising your current wardrobe
  • Personalising your new signature look for future purchasing

If you want to be part of this – email with your name and the words ‘I’m in’.

For others, I will be breaking down the above four points in a series of posts starting from today. So watch this space.


2 thoughts on “Minimalist Wardrobe – Refine Your Style and Waste Less”

  1. Hey Lindsay! Your blog is brilliant, packed full of stuff I’m interested in. After reading, I’ve spent 2 weekends de cluttering and feel
    so cleansed 😊


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