Dubrovnik Travel Guide

Dubrovnik Travel Guide: An Luxury City Retreat

The first thing you notice when you arrive in Dubrovnik’s old town are the colours. Turquoise blues of the Adriatic, and the rich orange of the stone buildings encased by the impressive city walls. You know instantly that you have happened upon somewhere unique, incredible and that you will never forget.

When to go

We travelled in June, and found that the timing was perfect. The temperature was ideal, the sea warm enough to swim and the crowds were manageable. I had previously read that late July through to the end of August should be avoided if possible as the prices increase and the tourist levels boom.

How to get there

We flew with British Airways from London for a return super saver price of just £40 each. I would wholly recommend BA for their comfortable cabins, complimentary refreshments onboard and great service. However you can also fly with many other operators from other parts of the UK for great prices.


What to see

Inside the city walls, you will find a huge number of attractions lining the beautiful old town’s marble streets. Spend an hour after entering through either of the impressive arched gates wandering up and down the narrow alleys and stone steps taking in the hidden sights of the city.

I would wholly recommend the city walls walk. From the top of this towering fortification you can leisurely wander for two to three hours, and take in incredible views of the historic city from above. Stop a third of the way round at the bar at the north of the walk for a drink and to take in the views of the local ‘cursed’ island of Lokrum and the never-ending azure blue sea.

Top Tip: You can get a really great value ‘3-day city pass’ from the tourist information offices which costs just 200 kuna (around £21) and this includes the wall tour, entrance to eight historical sites in the walls including the cultural palace and 10 bus rides.


Within the city there are many museums, restaurants and shopping opportunities to please all manner of tourists no matter what their itinerary. When your feet are aching from all the exploring, take a break in the cliff-side Buza Bar, and enjoy a cold beer before using the opportunity and perfect location to launch yourself into the Adriatic from the white stone cliffs.

Jumping off the Buza Bar cliffs

Beaches and bars

Outside of the city, take the number 6 bus to the beaches of Babin Kuk. Here sun-seekers and those wanting hours of relaxation will not be disappointed.

Coral Beach Club

We personally enjoyed the delights of the incredible Coral Beach Club for three days during our trip, and I would really recommend it to anyone visiting Dubrovnik. The staff are warm and welcoming, the loungers in the bar area are soft, luxurious and free for paying guests, and the drinks are reasonable (around £2.50 for a large beer). You can easily spend hours here sipping on local cocktails and slowly eating your way through their delicious seafood menu. It also is a blue flag beach meaning you can break up the heat with a dip into the shimmering waters. If you visit the city, you must go and spend some sun seeking hours here.

At night, start your evening off right with a visit to Cave Bar More, a hidden gem accessed by walking along the cliff coastline on the West of Babin Kuk. This bar has a fantastic outside terrace, and inside the cave bar really does not disappoint. The stalagmites shimmer from the dotted spotlights in the ceiling of the cave, and you can enjoy a fresh cocktail whilst stood on a glass floor looking right down into the deep caverns. Plus, considering the views and location, the prices are remarkably reasonable.

Finally, escape from the slightly inflated prices of Dubrovnik, in comparison to the rest of Croatia, by enjoying a cool glass of wine at the Orsan Yacht Club on the East coast of Babin Kuk overlooking one of the larger ports in Dubrovnik. This white tabled gem of a find is reasonable, serves some of the best foods in the city and is a quiet hidden spot to retreat to on your evenings.


Dubrovnik is a fantastic location for historic sights, pristine beaches and delicious food all enjoyed best under the warm summer sun. Visit now and I promise it will be magical.

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