Living in the now: life doesn’t wait for you.

You see quotes everywhere reminding you that you should embrace each and every new day, and that you should never wish your life away.

Today I saw this poem on Instagram and it really hit home.


I have spent nearly two years working hard to ensure everything I do means I experience the most out of life, that I fill my days with things I love and that I spend my money on the things which matter rather than the materialistic clutter.

However what I have also done is count down the days until my next big travelling adventure. Clocked watched until I was spending time with my best friends and loved ones and then whilst spending time with them, sat and planned how we can do it all again very soon rather than embracing the moment.

No matter how hard I have worked to ensure everything I do enriches my life, there always seems to be more that I can do to make it better. I might have just travelled to an incredible country…but where am I going next? I might have just watched my favourite band play but when will I see them again?

It’s not just the bigger things either. I tend to be so engrossed in the excitement and thought of eating dinner out by the river at the end of the week that I dismiss the delicious meals I eat during the week.

I need to start living in the now, I need to embrace the hours and opportunities I am given and I need to relish the chances and experiences each new hour holds.

To start reclaiming my days I am going to start writing down three things that I have enjoyed, experienced or appreciated each day for two weeks.

I am also going to re-embrace these daily habits which help me to live in the now.

  1. Do one thing at a time. When I am reading a book, I will do just that. Switch off from the world and enjoy the hours. Same for eating lunch, going for a walk or talking with my friends or family.
  2. Spend five minutes at the end of the day reflecting on what it has involved. What was my favourite part of the day, and why.
  3. Continue to ensure that I enjoy my work. As I spend over 40 hours a week doing my job, I need to make sure that it is something that enriches my life.
  4. Stop dwelling on yesterday. If you think too much about what could have happened, or what you did, you won’t be able to focus on what you are doing or what you can do.

If you are feeling that far too often you are forever looking forward at what your future might hold, counting down the days until your next big milestone, you might want to do this too.

Life doesn’t wait for you to experience it. You need to do that yourself.



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