Project 333 – Embracing Minimalist Fashion For Three Months

I have been working on my own minimalist wardrobe project for around a year now, however I feel that I am at the final hurdle and need that little push to curate the perfect capsule wardrobe. I want to be able to dress quickly and feel confident each and every day, without investing money into instant-feel good pieces.

So far I have curated my own personal style using my style identity workbook, and I have reduced my shopping habits so that I only buy when necessary, and when it fits with my style criteria.

However for three reasons, I need a final push.

  1. I still sometimes struggle with finding what to wear.
  2. I want to save time in the mornings for writing, and therefore less choice means less time wasted.
  3. I have the travel bug, and therefore need to save in order to spend on the things which matter to me.

So from today I will be starting Project 333. Already I can store my clothing without a closet, let’s see if I can get this down to a chest of drawers and save on the space.

I have heard so many inspirational stories from the project, and want to try and learn from it myself.

If you want to be able to follow the same project, there’s a great guide over on the Be More With Less blog – the original creators and investors of Project 333.

However, for those wanting a quick guide, the project involves wearing 33 carefully chosen items over the next three months. This includes clothes, accessories and shoes. It however doesn’t include workout gear, loungewear or underwear.


So here are my 33 items for the next 3 months:

  1. Blue skinny jeans
  2. Black cord pinafore dress
  3. Silk grey blouse
  4. White denim shorts
  5. White and black marbled dress
  6. Chequered black slim fit trousers
  7. Black cigarette trousers
  8. Cropped black ribbed Topshop jumper
  9. Striped blue detailed back jumper
  10. Striped crop top
  11. Monochrome striped black blouse
  12. Pink pinafore dress
  13. Cream wrap dress
  14. Blue shoulder cut out dress
  15. Pink cross back jumper
  16. Cheap Monday ripped black skinny jeans
  17. River Island leather look black jeans
  18. Black zip front blouse
  19. Black leather mini skirt
  20. Blue blouse jumper knit
  21. Denim shorts
  22. Black large collared dress
  23. Black floaty dress
  24. Black playsuit
  25. Black Jumpsuit
  26. Marbled necklace
  27. Skagen watch
  28. Circle silver earrings
  29. Marbled earrings
  30. Black suede heels
  31. Black ankle wrap flats
  32. Black slip on flats
  33. Black choker

IMG_8995-1 IMG_8993

Let the capsule wardrobe collection begin!

If you are interested in taking part in the project, but think you need to do some decluttering or to define your own personal style first, use my free resources or read the previous posts from my other blogs for inspiration and guidance.

Assess Functional Minimalist Wardrobe Minimalist Fashion

2 thoughts on “Project 333 – Embracing Minimalist Fashion For Three Months”

  1. I look forward to following your progress. I have thought about streamlining my wardrobe by having a “signature” color. Black and I do not go well together 🙂

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