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25 Things I Have Learned About Minimalism

  1. I used to have way too many things which made my life feel busy and cluttered. Little tweed hearts hanging from doorknobs, sixteen mugs (in a household of two) and way too many wires and gadgets. I live with much less now, and life feels simpler. Life feels less complicated. Life is good.
  2. The things that I love most in my life are not material items. I value time with my husband, friends and family above anything else. So why did I used to waste £100 a month on new clothes, when I could have spent that money and time shopping with loved ones?
  3. My most important possessions, the one’s I would be devastated to lose, can fit in a small wicker basket.
  4. Moving house is way easier when you live with less.
  5. Cleaning is also less of a chore. I can deep clean my house with my husbands help in under an hour.
  6. Clutter now makes me crazy.
  7. By following minimalist practices, I have loads more time on my hands.
  8. I love mornings.
  9. I love reading, but instead of hoarding every book I digest, I have found greater value in giving it on to the next person to enjoy. I just love a good book discussion, and my house remains stuff-free.
  10. As soon as you start following minimalist practices, people are quick to judge your ways. People see minimalism as living with the bare essentials, so they often seem surprised to see my house. I live with the things that enrich my life. No more, no less.
  11. If we all lived in a more minimalist and mindful way, we could do the environment a whole lot of good.
  12. Investing in higher quality (and I don’t mean branded, I mean made-well) purchases rather than high quantity purchases mean I value the things I own way more, and they are of a much better standard. Forget three budget blushers for colour experimentation, I now use one premium one on a daily basis instead.
  13. I feel free when travelling.
  14. Making time for exercise and yoga in particular has been great for my mind and body.
  15. I could happily live in my small house for the rest of my life. I don’t need more space, and as a house is one of the biggest money pits there can be, we need to be happier with what is practical and perfect in it’s own way. I would much rather see the world that live in a house with rooms I hardly ever enter.
  16. That letting the toxic go is okay.
  17. That I find my house, wardrobe and style is more aesthetically appealing as I have defined my own personal style and colour schemes.
  18. That I will always work in a role I love. We spend so much time there, there isn’t a reason to work in a role you hate for more money and therefore more stress.
  19. A minimalistic lifestyle is less stressful.
  20. It is also filled with a lot more laughter, memories and experiences.
  21. By being aware of how I am living materially, I have become more aware in other areas such as what I am eating and putting into my body, or how I choose to unwind.
  22. I also live with a self-confessed hoarder, so compromise has been key. As long as we keep what makes us both happy, then it’s all good.
  23. I really appreciate my own company. Something I used to not enjoy at all.
  24. People want to minimise, but don’t know where to start. Well if you are my friend and local, let me know, I will come help!
  25. Living with less is something I have been doing for two years, and I don’t think I will ever go back.

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