Minimalist Insider : 25 Personal Things About Me

This year I will turn a quarter of a century old. I will be turning the same age as the first publically unveiled website and the SNES. It’s time for me to officially join Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence in the 25 club.

As I wave goodbye to my early twenties, I realise that I have learned a lot in these years. One particularly important education has been the last two years in which I have started to live a more meaningful life. By becoming ‘minimalist’ I have got past the things that cause discontent, and can now focus on making room for more experiences, travel and freedom.

I am naturally a more introverted person, happiest at home with my cats and a book. However since I have discovered Instagram and began to blog I have become happier with sharing my life details in the hope that it will influence just one more person to remove the excess and live a meaningful life. So this is also part of the reason behind this post.

I am fortunate to have a lovely and modest group of followers who read, share and contribute to the articles on this site. However I feel like although you might know my personal style and what my main priorities and goals are, you don’t know much about the person behind the blog.

So for those who have reached out with more curious comments and questions, here are twenty five things about me to help you gain some insight into my personality:

  1. My favourite time of the day is the morning, 6am – 8am to be exact. I love to wake up, enjoy the quiet serenity of this time of day, and write, read and empty my mind.
  2. I read History at University, however I work and I for the foreseeable future hope to always work in Digital.
  3. My only sentimental items that I now keep are my wedding photo albums and a small memories chest.
  4. I’m left handed.
  5. My favourite smell in the entire world is Vanilla. However I use lavender spray on my pillow to help me sleep soundly.
  6. My favourite bands are Radiohead, The XX and Bon Iver, although I also love Hip Hop, Rock and Classical music. When I am at home relaxing my radio is always set to Classical FM.
  7. I try to eat clean and my favourite foods to cook at home are spicy noodles with beansprouts, spinach and plenty of greens. However I like to listen to my cravings sometimes and indulge in a Chinese takeout or Sea Salt Kettle Crisps.
  8. I love coffee, although I weirdly don’t seem to suffer when I don’t drink it for a week abroad. I also don’t rely on it to wake up in the morning.
  9. I have two long haired kittens, Arthur and Margot, who are both turning two this year.
  10. I love to read, and I usually get through around 100 books a year. I don’t have a favourite genre, so recommend anything to me.
  11. I am naturally a red head.
  12. My favourite place to travel to is Italy, I love the food, the wine and the history.
  13. If I am watching TV I tend to choose a documentary over a sitcom or drama. Anything Louis Theroux or part of the Unreported World series is an instant hit with me.
  14. Talking about watching media, my favourite director is Wes Anderson. I love his clean, minimal style and the handful of Actors he regularly casts.
  15. Spinach is amazing, I put it in around 4-5 meals a week.
  16. I need to work on my patience. I think it is my biggest personal weakness at the moment.
  17. Although I am happily settled in York at the moment, I have lived in many different places over the last five years including Birmingham, Nottingham, Scotland, Belgium and Scarborough. I often miss the feeling of not knowing where’s next now I have bought a house.
  18. I love writing, and blogging is my way of channeling this passion. However I don’t think I would ever be able to write a book.
  19. My favourite day of the year is Bonfire Night.
  20. I have a condition called Endometriosis. I also suffer from migraines however since meditating more I have had only one this year. I don’t know if it is because of this, but if it is, that’s amazing.
  21. I love to take photos, especially candid caught in the moment snaps of friends and family when they’re laughing, having a good time or adventuring in another city.
  22. I got married on the 22nd of November to my best friend.
  23. I am an accredited life coach.
  24. I always sleep on the right hand side of the bed, even when alone.
  25. I found it really hard to think of twenty five things to fill this list!

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