Minimalism: Change One Thing Today

You might have decided to live minimally, live with purpose and be happier overall, however you also might have no idea where to start.

Having a sudden lifestyle overhaul can be a little daunting and actually might have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve through minimalism. If you stretch yourself too far, you won’t be happier, you will certainly be stressed and you won’t appreciate the value of what you are doing.

Rather than selling all your possessions aside from 10 items, quitting your job to go travelling and reassessing all your goals and priorities in a week, why not take it slow and gently immerse yourself into your new way of life.

If you take it one step at a time, you are more likely to succeed and to stick with your goal of living a more meaningful life with less.

So today, why not choose one thing from the list below, and use it as a starting point for change. When you feel comfortable and ready, move on to the next.

Five Easy Minimalist Changes

  1. Tackle your junk drawer

We all have had a junk drawer in our lives. The place for storing old batteries, keys, currency and cables. Take ten minutes to declutter your draw today and make it a regular routine.

  1. Start a morning routine

If you often start the day feeling stressed, busy and like you haven’t had any time for yourself, you need to reassess your morning routine. Read this blog post here, and take some time to do something that really matters to you each and every morning. At least this way you know one thing in your day has gone 100% right.

  1. Eat clean

Eating a healthy green based diet is the best way to recharge your body and mind. Start really assessing what you are putting into your body today and ensure that you are looking after yourself.

  1. Sort out your social media

Checking your phone 100 times a day? Following thousands of people across five different platforms? No wonder you can’t keep up. Address what channels you need to be active on, and unfriend and unfollow until you feel happy with your digital network. Oh, and turn off those pesky distracting notifications

  1. Clear out your wardrobe

Get two boxes, one for recycling and one for binning. Have a total wardrobe detox and keep only what you wear, what you value and what you love. The rest needs to go – especially if it’s stained, to small or big, or broken in any way.

  1. Don’t spend anything for one day a week

Realise how much you spend on a daily basis by leaving the debit card at home one day. Take stock of what you are regularly buying that you don’t need.