Minimalist Fashion: Styling Basic Black Skinny Jeans


As I live in England, our Summer has so far consisted of a mere handful of days where I could brave it and bare my legs. Therefore, I have often found myself in my trusty black skinny jeans day in and out.

Living with less and out of a capsule wardrobe makes a lot of people assume that my wardrobe is boring and unimaginative. Even though I have worn my black jeans at least 10 days out of the last 30,I personally don’t feel like my outfits have been at all limited.

It is all about the pairing, layering and styling.

You see a pair of well-fitting, sustainable and long lasting black skinny jeans is an incredible investment.

They can be dressed up with a pair of heels or down with casual flats and a basic tee. They can work for formal events or a casual brunch.

My personal favourite pair of black skinny jeans is my Cheap Monday frayed and distressed jeans. The brand is affordable, their jeans are very hard-wearing for everyday wear, and they work hard to be very ethical (although a lot more can be done on that front.)

So far this year I have worn them for my birthday adventure to Font Bar in Manchester (an incredible bar, furnished like your granny’s living room and with a £2 cocktail menu) and to work on numerous occasions.

The best thing is I can keep wearing these jeans (if they are not in the wash) each and every day and still get outfit compliments because of how easy it is to mix up their look through careful styling.

A minimalist wardrobe doesn’t have to be limiting if it is filled with your favourite key staples which you love to wear again and again.

And, by having one pair of staple jeans, I don’t feel the need to spend money on more. Which means more money for memories and travelling!

Do you have a favourite brand of jeans? Who do you love to wear and are their any ethical suppliers with jeans that have an incredible fit out there? I would love to hear your recommendations.





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