Minimalist Wellbeing: My Health and Beauty Regime

Over the years I have learned that beauty products are amazing, but they are supposed to enhance and build on the natural look you have. If you nurture your body and mind, you look and feel a lot better on the outside, with or without cosmetic products.

We all have good and bad days, but if we try to take little steps to take care of ourselves, we can at least ensure they don’t hit us as hard as they might.

Now this doesn’t mean I don’t use a variety of makeup and products, because I do on a daily basis. However I try to pair them with more natural wellness remedies to ensure I am getting the right balance.

So what does this involve?


I have never been one of those incredible girls who can master the art of hairstyling like a pro. I can just about plait my hair, and I am seriously in awe of the people who can French braid or weave their hair into cute halo braids.

Therefore, this might be why I take a low maintenance route when it comes to the mane on top of my head.

When washing, I use the Touch of Silver Shampoo to brighten the blonde tones in my hair, followed by Pantene’s Keratin conditioner through the body and ends for a bit of TLC and hair repair.

I only wash my hair once-twice a week. I have found that by not over-washing my hair it is a much better condition and is a lot thicker than it used to be.

For styling I tend to go with loose waves, or pin straight. Before applying any heat I always rub coconut oil into the lengths and ends of my hair, and I now rarely blow dry my hair. Air drying makes it a whole lot softer, and saves on the damage.

This does however mean I need to seriously plan my washes! Normally it’s daytime Sunday and evening Wednesday to leave enough time to dry before bed or social gatherings.

Skin and Body

Every morning I drink a Pukka Detox Tea, and I tend to do some form of exercise be it Yoga, Barre Workout or walking.

I then use a Balance Me face mask to exfoliate and cleanse my skin. I leave this on during my shower as I tend not to wet my hair / face so the mask and steam works wonders together.


I use coconut oil beneath my foundation as I am prone to dry skin and let this absorb whilst I use moisturizer on the rest of my body.

Throughout the day I try to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. Since I began making sure I got my eight glasses a day, I easily notice when I am thirsty. It’s great to be able to listen to your body’s triggers and not confuse them for hunger or tiredness like I used to, when it’s just down to being a little dehydrated.

For fuel, I eat only when I am hungry and my stomach rumbles. This means I am in control of when my body needs some energy, and I don’t over indulge. Oh, and I try to sneak spinach and/or kale into every meal. I think it’s amazingly delicious, and it’s also so good for you! Go greens.

Of course I have treats though, such as Chinese delivery or wine, because I like to fill my life with what makes me happy. So if that’s some chilli chicken I am all in! I just make sure I indulge in moderation.

At night, I make sure I get some time to unwind. This means at least half an hour reading or listening to Classical FM before bed, and no mobiles or that distracting blue light anywhere nearby.

Then I settle down for my average 5-7 hours a night kip. However I don’t wake to routine, I wake when I am rested, be that 4am or 10am.


If you are a regular reader of my blog you might have seen my previous post about my capsule makeup collection.


When it comes to preening and polishing I tend to use a small collection of trusted products, however I am always open to new suggestions and ideas so please let me know if there’s anything good I should try!

My makeup bag contains all the key products I need to create my daily look, with a few extras thrown in there in case of special occasions and the need to glam it up.

I try to ensure the brands I purchase are sustainable where possible. I often use the EWG website to track the environmentally friendly nature of the cosmetics I use.

On my face I use No.7 Stay Matte Foundation. It gives such a good coverage, and is one of the only matte foundations that doesn’t dry out my skin.

I use a concealer from Smashbox, and their moisturising Legendary lipstick in the shade Audition on my lips.

On my brows I use a No.7 pencil followed by the Benefit Gimme Brow gel to get good definition. As a natural red head, I have barely there brows and need a lot of support to get some visible arches between my eyes and forehead.

Then I sweep a lick of eyeliner across my lids, and finish with some layers of Mascara. I am currently a big fan of Rimmel’s Volume Colourist Mascara as it gently dyes my lashes over time, which means no more nasty chemical lash dyes each month.

I am always on the look out for more earth-friendly products though, so please do recommend any staples you swear by!

So there you have it, my daily hair and beauty low-down. For me, I don’t strive to use as few products as possible in order to minimise my life. Instead I ensure that all my beauty essentials are used regularly, and I just don’t impulse buy any products or accessories anymore. 

Tell me about your beauty regime, any top tips?

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