Minimalist Insider: No.7 Makeup Capsule Goodies Look

I went for lunch today and during it I mentioned that I needed to get some bits and pieces ready for travelling next week, including my trusty No.7 Stay Matte Foundation from Boots.

My friend Sarah told me about this incredible deal where at the moment you can buy two No.7 Cosmetics, and if you do you get a free capsule makeup box with some lovely goodies within it. Not only that, but it also contains a voucher for a free No.7 full size lipstick!

Considering I needed to get some foundation, and I had a £3 No.7 voucher that you often get when buying anything from Boots, I realised there was great potential for cosmetics savings to be made.

Now since living more minimally, I have really reduced my makeup collection to contain a few choice pieces. However one of them included my Stay Matte Foundation, which was about to run out! So I saw this as a great opportunity to spend what I usually would on foundation but also get to try some lovely new products at the same time.

The two items I purchased were the foundation, obviously, and a little patent black polish which I am very excited to try.

By doing this, I got this gorgeously packaged little box of goodies for free. It contained:

  • Airbrush Away Primer
  • Mascara
  • Eyeshadow

And a voucher for a free lipstick worth almost £10. I chose the moisturising lipstick in Latte and it is incredibly lovely to wear and long lasting.

Using the products, I created this look below (excuse the fuzziness from my front facing camera!) and I am really pleased with the results and quality of all the freebies. I am a big No.7 fan already, but I have never previously purchased lipstick from them. I tend to wear Smashbox. However today I have been happily converted.


The eyeshadow went on very thick and easily, however the shade is a little too sparkly for my everyday wear.

The lipstick, as said above, is easy to apply and really moisturising. I love the shade and it matches with the foundation I wear. Another great thing they do in store – colour match your new lipstick to your makeup tone!

The mascara I have used before and it is really good for lashes, but it isn’t too thickening. This is great for a natural everyday look but I would love something with a little more impact for weekends.

The primer however was a perfect addition to my usual routine, and I will definitely be buying this again.

I think the offer is on for another week, but aside from that the products are available anytime so I would wholly recommend you give it a go! Great work No.7.

What are your favourite No.7 products? Tell me about them below.

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