A Minimalist Insider – A Month in Pictures

I love to write. I find it cathartic. It is a way I can unwind, express my thoughts and spend time sharing my passions.

However I also love to take photos. I am that person on holiday snapping every candid moment. I am the friend you don’t want at your birthday as I am there, documenting every (perhaps drunken) moment.

Now I am no photography expert. I will leave that to my incredibly talented brother-in-law who is currently documenting his world and travels in Vietnam using his refined photography degree skills. Personally, I just love to snap and share.

Therefore when I was asked to do a post documenting my life on a daily basis, for a two week period, I was initially keen. However a niggling part of me thought there must be a better way to capture what goes on in my life. Then it came to me, instead of using adjectives, words and anecdotes, I could use photos.

I thought back to a project in 2015 which I followed on Instagram. It was a month long series by The Minimalists, where their daily images and tips inspired me to continue with my journey to live a more meaningful life.

Currently, I post almost daily on Instagram, so I thought why not use this platform to:

  • Give insight into my minimalist way of life
  • Share top tips and advice to help you live with less
  • Document my month and use it as an opportunity to see how I can make changes myself going forward

This way, I have a collection of images and memories to look back on and learn from. I also hope they will inspire and help others to let go of the clutter and embrace a life open to so much more.

So here it goes. From September 1st I will be capturing and sharing my daily life in photos. You can use these to begin your own minimalist journey, to see how I live with less, or to just follow along and get an insider view on my daily habits and living space.

Follow me and experience the Minimalist Insider Month today.


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