Minimalist Fashion: Fall Accessories

As I live with a capsule wardrobe, it is incredibly important that each of my accessories are iconic, transferable and classic enough to see me through the three months of Project 333.

I have chosen my layers, knits and boots which will see my through my three months of Autumn. They are all still in-keeping with my personal defined style, but they have that fall-feeling about them. To set off each outfit, I have decided upon four key accessories to pair with my looks.

Firstly, I know a handbag is a must. As we are heading into winter season, I will also need a clutch to see me through those winter party evenings. This is why I have settled on my tan slouchy bag, and red vintage Louis Vuitton clutch. These two interchangeable pieces will be perfect for wintery days out, and fabulous fall parties.

A scarf is my second essential. It can be worn so many ways, and will brighten up any outfit, as well as keeping you toasty! I love my blue knitted scarf. It’s simple, incredibly warm and pairs with so much of my capsule wardrobe thanks to it’s neutral tones.

Finally, I have a serious crush on my last accessory on the list. The Jord Frankie Zebrawood and Navy watch. It’s incredibly versatile and I love a watch with a navy face. I will be wearing this with all of my fall fashion capsule looks to really bring them together and add a statement piece to my outfit.

When it first arrived at my desk it was like Christmas had come early thanks to the gorgeous packaging. I mean just look at this wooden box it arrived in!

I know it will be the perfect unique watch to pair with my minimalist looks this autumn. The timepiece has an incredibly organic feel about it, with the wooden texture and material.

So far I have worn it to both social and work occasions and I love how versatile it is. It is so easy to pair with my neutral and organic minimalist fashion.

This is my first experience of owning a wooden watch, and thanks to Jord it won’t be my last. I am already coveting the other models over on their website. Why not see if they have the perfect pairing for you?

If you haven’t settled on your Fall accessories yet, why not enter the Jord competition to win a $75.00 e-gift voucher! Everyone who enters gets a $20 as a thank you so it’s a win win situation! Make sure you enter before it closes on October 31st 2016.

Enter Now

So there you have it, my list of my four essential accessories for this season.

What Fall accessories are you planning to wear this season?

Share in the comments below!

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