What is Hygge? A Minimalist’s Guide To Living Happily

Picture the scene. You are at home, snuggled in your pyjamas in front of a toasty roaring fire. You have a glass of your favourite tipple at your side. Candles are lit, and are the only noise is the wind blowing outside. Your evening is spent reading a good book, with good company, under a furry warm throw.

This feeling of contentment, of happiness and everything being more meaningful. That’s Hygge (pronounced hue-gah). Put simply, it is a word to define that warm cosy feeling we all get when everything is just right.

Since living minimally, I have spent the last few years trying to live with purpose. To ensure everything I do is aligned to my priorities. All that I invest in materially and through time is done to enrich my life.


This is why I think that the Hygge trend that is currently sweeping across Britain is something we should all embrace. I have written countless times about how we are neglecting our happiness by subscribing to a busy lifestyle. We are so consumed by goals, driven by plans. Never satisfied with our achievements as someone else has that bigger car, better holiday or expensive phone.

Slow down, prioritise your happiness and spend your time doing the things you will enjoy. Experience the moments, stop ticking off the boxes of to do lists, relish life.

Hygge and minimalism go hand in hand. They both value a meaningful live above all else. They put value in experiences. They are about removing routine and restrictions in order to achieve more.

It is about enjoying the happiness you have, and living in the now, rather than continually pursuing the next best thing.

How else do they pair up? Well, you can certainly invest in items to create a more hyggeligt atmosphere, but you can’t buy Hygge. You can’t purchase that feeling you get from being happy and content. If your atmosphere isn’t right, priorities are not right, and time is not spent right, an expensive candle and luxury fur throw isn’t going to fix that.

So, I guess you are wondering, how do I make my life more Hygge?


Embrace A Hygge Home

Fill your home with candles, as creating a snug and cosy atmosphere is a great place to start. Candlelit rooms instantly feel warm, romantic and inviting. Invest in one’s with scents you love. Personally, my home is filled with Vanilla candles I have made or sourced locally because this scent alone reminds me of home and happiness.

Keep your spaces minimal but with purpose. If you reduce the clutter, and keep what is necessary you can ensure that your spaces will remain comforting and relaxing. If you have too much going on in one room, it will be hard to relax. Plus, we all feel most content in a clean environment, and a minimal home is much easier to keep dust free.

Furnish for comfort. Texture your rooms with practical but cosy blankets and duvets for the ultimate Hygge home. Don’t invest in lots of unnecessary extras. Instead, invest wisely in your furnishing choices to make your home a happy environment.

Ensure your rooms encourage socialisation. Have comfy seating, open plan living and doors left wide open to embrace that welcoming atmosphere.


How To Dress Hygge

When at home, if you are anything like me, you will instantly change into your loungewear after walking through the front door.

Being at home is a time for relaxation, unwinding and comfort. Invest in clothing and outfits which encourage you to enjoy this time.

Think loose fitting cotton lounge wear, cosy slippers and knitted layers. Whatever makes you feel completely at ease.


 How To Live Hygge

Think cosy, think simple and think happy. To hygge is to do whatever makes you feel warm and content.

Forget elaborate nights out, this winter is all about the evenings in with close friends and family.

Cook stews, use the slow cooker and enjoy warm chocolate cake in front of the fire. Whatever makes you feel good.

Embrace the colder nights by finding any excuse to layer up and spent time on the things which matter most to you. Be it writing, reading, blogging or baking.

As I love to spend my time doing things that enrich my day to day, I am totally welcoming this concept. More reading, less cleaning. And as I live minimally, this is totally achievable as there’s less to fuss about around the house.

So tonight I am making a huge pot of turkey chilli, lighting all the candles, and spraying the room with vanilla and lavender scents. I will sit in my cosy Cos layers under my big throw and I will be totally content as I blog, read and write.

How are you planning to embrace Hygge?

6 thoughts on “What is Hygge? A Minimalist’s Guide To Living Happily”

  1. how lovely to find you and this encouraging post. i can tell you, that after the last year so in america, fatigued with all the election hype and now the new admin, it was comforting just reading your post and looking at the quiet pictures. thank you!


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