10 Minimal Personal Things That Enrich My Days

To often we are focused on the big picture things. Getting through the week to enjoy Friday plans. Countdowns on your phone until your next holiday. Excitedly discussing that it’s only a number of days until Christmas when the days start to get shorter and the fire roars.

By focusing on what is to come, and not appreciating the now, you are missing out on valuable moments which contribute to your overall happiness.

Now I am not suggesting you don’t get excited about the big things. You can’t help it. It’s natural. I am already looking forward to my West Coast road trip although it’s months’ away.

But I do suggest you try to become more mindful about the day to day.

If we take a moment to embrace these minimal moments, we will focus on the good. We will realise there’s so much enjoyment we tend to take for granted in our daily lives.

Recently reading more about Hygge has highlighted how that feeling of content. The warm happiness you feel when everything is going right, is something I wish I could almost bottle. But it is there and around us each and every day, we just need to learn to acknowledge it, welcome it and appreciate it.

So I want you to think about little things you love. Small minimal moments which enrich your day. Feelings or experiences which make you feel warm, content and satisfied.

Below are 10 little things which I find enrich my day to day. They make the small moments memorable. They make me mindful of how we have so little time on earth, we need to appreciate the smaller pleasures as well as the significant memories.

The feeling of starting a new book

That moment when you settle down, warm coffee in hand, and open the first page of a new book. The anticipation of adventure, getting lost in someone else’s world. The smell of a newly pressed novel. For me, not much beats it. It’s probably why in my minimalist home, books are the things which take up the most room. Each time I settle down to read I feel content. I like to remember this feeling when I am yearning for experiences, trips and the next big things. Because not much beats the happiness I get when I journey into a world of letters and imagination.

The smell of vanilla

It’s happiness in a scent for me.

The feeling of sinking into a hot bath

A bath is my place to unwind. To let the days stresses escape and to focus on nothing at all. Each time I get to experience this feeling of happiness I remember how good the day to day can be. Because no matter how chaotic or busy a week may be, a hot soothing bath can help you escape from it all.

A warm coffee in the morning

I have an incredible husband who without fail, brings me a hot cup of coffee each morning in bed. It’s one of the small things he does for me each day which makes me feel valued. Too often we expect the big things. A token piece of jewellery, a trip to Paris. For me, I am content and happy with the little things. Because the little things for me have meaning. If we lose sight of these and focus on the wishes we have for relationships based on romantic novels and films, we forget the genuine happiness we feel day to day.


Cat Cuddles

The feeling of a warm furry friend cuddled up on your lap is hard to beat. It’s that addictive I quite often sit there desperate for the toilet, or miss my bus, just so that I don’t move them. These daily little snuggles make everything right.

A Good Bake Off

I love it when a bake goes right. The perfectly risen sponge, a melt in the middle brownie. Baking is something I love to do, and yet am not too successful at. So when a bake goes well, it makes my day.

Listening to rain and wind from the warm indoors 

The sound of a storm outside is beautiful to listen to when wrapped up warm indoors. It’s surprising how something so wild can make someone feel so calm.

Freshly washed bedding

Sinking into warm, freshly cleaned bedding is something that will never not feel good.


A day filled with writing is a perfect day. When the words flow and bring life and meaning to ideas and thoughts. If I manage to write, a day feels complete.

When your favourite song comes on  

No matter where you are, it’s a great feeling when your favourite song comes on and you can just enjoy and appreciate it. I don’t know about you, but when it just comes on the radio or in a pub, it feels so much more exciting than if you’d played it yourself!

So there you have it, my ten little feelings of happiness which enrich my days. Live more in the now, become mindful of your experiences and surroundings, and appreciate each day.

I’d love to hear your favourite 10 things. Let me know what they are or if we have any in common!