Minimise Your Makeup Collection And Feel More Confident

I found it easy to minimise my wardrobe, and still rotate 33 items on a regular basis for a refined capsule, functional collection.

Same with my possessions. Deciding to unclutter my home, drawers and shelves was an easy decision and I wouldn’t ever go back.

Even though I had lived with less for years, I still had one incredibly cluttered, expensive collection that was eating away at my happiness without me even realising.

My makeup collection.

I was so easily taken in watching hours of YouTube tutorials, seeing two for £30 offers on the counters of departments stores, and concepts that a new lipstick shade could improve my whole look for a night out.

There was always something I needed. Perhaps a new highlighter would help hide my naturally round face. A different eyebrow shade would make my penciling in look more natural and defined.

For someone who had managed to avoid the traps and pitfalls of gratification buying for a long time with clothes, I was blind when making the same mistakes with beauty products.

I realised that this was an issue when I looked at my ‘capsule collection’ that I had organised six months ago, and it had already doubled.

Now I don’t think this would have been a problem if it had doubled because I had found new staple products I love. Or if I had developed a yearning for makeup artistry.

But this wasn’t the case. The drawer was filled with new lotions and potions that I had purchased quickly, without much thought, and with too much hope behind.

I sat down, and looked at all the products in my collection to work out why this was happening again, and the answer was simple. Lack of confidence.

A lipstick had been purchased recently on a work trip to London when I had envied the bold matte lip I kept seeing across the capital. I wanted to emulate this look myself so I purchased this gorgeous Bobbi Brown dark brown shade.

It didn’t, and no longer does, suit me.

It was purely an impulse buy, driven by envy and admiration.

A bronzer sits almost untouched in the drawer after I had seen a famous Instagram blogger use in one of her videos. Even though that post was sponsored, I had to agree she looked amazing with it on, and I wanted my face to glow like that.

It didn’t, and because I have naturally very dry skin, it just looked caked on and awful.

Once again, suckered by marketing and the need to emulate the confidence and looks of someone else.

Minimised collection, boosted confidence

So today I am making a promise. I have minimised my capsule beauty collection for a final time, and here is what it contains.

I know my makeup routine well, and I can complete it in just fifteen minutes each morning. Every product works well with my skin tone, complexion and dry, sensitive skin.

I have a few key pieces I know will instantly boost a look for an evening event or date night.


However something bigger needs to change. I need to understand that buying a particular lip shade, trending eye colour or concealer won’t suddenly change the way I look and feel overnight. It might give me confidence if it works but I need to be confident without all these products for it to have a real effect.

Buying makeup products for the hope that they change my look and improve my life in some way is the same mistake I was making with clothes years ago. I used to be convinced that a new dress and shoes would be the key to feeling amazing on a night out. It wasn’t.

For the next year I won’t be adding any new products aside for replacing my core collection as it runs out.

I will also work on the thing that makeup has been trying to unsuccessfully mask for the last 15 years, my confidence, and stop comparing my looks to the models and bloggers out there who look flawless on a daily basis.

Minimising your possessions helps you identify what really matters to you, and put worth in your true priorities, not material objects.

So minimising your beauty collection should help you realise your own true worth and confidence, without twenty layers of cosmetic support to help you.

If you, like me, can think back to a time recently when you have bought a product because of how it looks on someone else. Because you thought it would completely change your look. Because you thought it would boost your beauty. You might need to do the same.

Cull the cosmetics, and be mindful of your own natural worth and beauty.


2 thoughts on “Minimise Your Makeup Collection And Feel More Confident”

  1. I love this post and can certainly relate. I’m struggling with going through my makeup collection. I have a ton of eye shadows, but I hardly wear any. Sometimes the odd shade of brown to enhance my eyes, but that’s rare.
    My downfall is lipstick… I love it! But I also have far too many and they often expire before they are hardly touched.
    How did you start with your makeup downsizing?


    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment and reading the post. To minimise and begin somewhere, I started by keeping all my makeup in one drawer, and then if I used a piece over two weeks, I put it in a makeup bag and kept it there. Anything I hadn’t used over the two weeks I then had a clear out of. Some stuff I got rid of easily, and others stayed put. I then waited another month and again if nothing was used, was a little more strict with the recycling and removing.

      Anything expired, broken or really didn’t suit me went immediately.

      Hope this helps, and keep me updated on your minimising!



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