Minimalist Mothers’ Day Present & Gift Ideas

Too often we gift because we think we should, because there’s that obligatory expectation to deliver a hand-wrapped token of love for whatever occasion is marked on the calendar that day.

I used to gift without thinking. Sometimes, I hadn’t even considered what use the recipient would get from my present, or the meaning behind it.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there comes another time where we will want to treat those we love to show our appreciation. However we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that an expensive material item is a fair exchange and demonstration of our love for one another.

Take this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to spend time and make memories that will last a lifetime. Much longer than a set of luxury bath bombs or overpriced flowers that won’t outlast the week.

If you are looking for minimalist gift-giving ideas but are unsure where to start, this list might give you some inspiration…

  1. Go on an adventure

Does your mum love to walk, explore and get lost in nature whilst on long peaceful rambles? Pack up a picnic, choose your trek, and go for a long wander together. This quality time together will give you chance to reconnect and really catch up.

  1. Take her for a meal

If your mum is perhaps not the outdoorsy type, or the forecast doesn’t look too great, why not take her for dinner. Book a table at her favourite restaurant and treat her to a course or three of her favourite cuisine!

  1. Bake her a hamper of goodies

If you are pretty handy in the kitchen, why not bake up a hamper of delicious goodies for your mum to enjoy. She will appreciate all the effort you have put in. Perhaps even more so if you add a bottle or two of gin to the wicker basket before tying with a ribbon!


  1. Subscribe to a magazine or gifting service

Does she have a favourite hobby, or perhaps she loves trying new makeup or beauty products. Why not sign her up for a subscription to a home magazine, recipe collection or beauty delivery service? This way, it’s a gift she can keep enjoying for months after, and you can even talk about each month going forward.

Some options could include:

BirchBox – A monthly beauty subscription service that delivers beautifully designed little boxes of goodies to your doorstep and just £10 a month.

The Lifestyle Box – a collection of gorgeous vegan goodies, sent to you once a month for just £10 plus P&P

Pact Coffee – The name says it all, and great for caffeine lovers to try new flavours! Plus it starts at just £6.95

London Tea Club – If you know someone who likes a cup or two, this is a great gift that keeps giving and you can set up your own personal profile to get the tea you’d love to taste.

The Willoughby Book Club – If your mum loves nothing more than to escape into a good book, this could be the perfect gift for her this year!

  1. Take her to a show

Does she want to see a certain play? Or perhaps a band she loves will be touring soon? Mother’s Day is a great excuse for snapping up a couple of tickets and putting a date in the diary to spend some quality time doing the things she loves! Cinema, Ballet, Rugby…the options are pretty endless.

  1. Get creative

Use this opportunity to really get creative and express your inner talent. Is painting your natural talent? Paint her a canvas of somewhere you both love, or her favourite place in the world. If you are good with words, write her a note capturing all that you love about her and are grateful for.

  1. Take her away

If you are feeling very generous, why not take mum away for the weekend. Rent a cabin by the sea, or give her tickets for a spa hotel break. Somewhere you can both truly unwind, spend quality time together and make memories for years to come. A weekend away in Spain can cost the same as a quality pair of earrings thanks to budget airlines and AirBnB, and what do you think you will be talking about in five years time?

  1. Just be there

Too often we gift because it’s a way to show our love and appreciation, however most people will agree that on any occasion, being with the people you love trumps an expensive material item opened alone.

If you are low on funds, rather than posting a candle and card, grab some food to go and bottle of wine, and go spend an evening of quality time with mum watching her favourite films or just reading books in the company of each other.

Get out the old photos, have a laugh over memories, and make sure she knows how much you appreciate her!

If your mum would love a well-thought out material item, obviously don’t discredit that option either. However, make sure what you do is influenced by her and showcases your appreciation. Don’t be a victim to last minute panic buying and showing your love materially!

A gift that encompasses being there to share quality time together, with something she loves, will go down a treat! 




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