Seven Simple Things I Appreciate Right Now

As life goes by so quickly, it’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the chaos of feeling busy. Often I find myself counting down to my next deadline, adventure or concrete plans, and forgetting about the simple and minimal moments that make up a standard day.

To combat the sensation of blinking and it feeling like half a year has gone by, I try to focus on the little things I appreciate each and every day. Yes, even those grey and slow days, that make my life what it is today.

So here are 10 little things which I find enrich my day to day. They make the small moments memorable, and each day feel like a success.

The feeling and smell of newly washed bedding

Nothing feels better than sinking into warm, freshly washed bedding at the end of a long day. The softness, the smell, the cosiness. If I have had a hard week, I take a minute to just appreciate this feeling rather than wishing the days away.

Having time to write

I write my blog because I just love to put pen to paper (or fingers to keypad to be precise). The feeling of words flowing and ideas joining up is something I will always appreciate. Time slows down when I curate and write, allowing me to enjoy my day that little bit more. Although I have been lucky to have several people read my posts on a regular basis, I would keep writing even if I had no audience.


My bedtime routine

I am a big fan of a bedtime routine for adults. Every night I go to sleep four things remain consistent. Lavender sleep spray filling the air, a silk eye-mask to allow myself to really slip into deep sleep, storm or rain white noise sounds playing, and absolutely zero phones or laptops near the bed or used half an hour before.

I appreciate this routine, as sleep is a big deal for me. Each night, I take time to reflect on the day just passed, and focus on what I want to achieve tomorrow. A good nights’ sleep sets me up to be the best I can be in order to achieve my goals.

Cuddles with my cats

Nothing makes you appreciate life’s little moments more, than a cuddle from your furry friend.

A good book

I just love getting lost in a good book. Recent one’s I have read which I couldn’t recommend more include:

  • Into Thin Air
  • All The Money In The World
  • Homo Deus
  • One Second After

The smell as you open up a new book. The anticipation of adventure, and the opportunity to immerse yourself into somebody else’s world. When life feels chaotic, I try and stop, read, and reflect. It puts a lot back into perspective.



When you have had one of ‘those days’, cooking is a great way to take back some time and create something brilliant to turn the feeling around. Fresh vegetables, the smell of combining delicious spices and aromatics together, and of course, the finished result that you get to savour and enjoy!

I know this helps me appreciate the days in between the big events in life, as I still regularly think about good meals I have cooked and how to make them again on a daily basis!

Recipes I am loving right now include (click to open):

Falafels – served with a fresh side salad

Lentil Dal 

Thai Vermicilli

Potato and Rosemary Focaccia – served with homemade soup (tomato and chilli pairs really well!)

Tending to our indoor garden

Last year, my husband started to sneak home with a new houseplant on what felt like a weekly basis. Fast forward and we have an orchid, two peace lillies, a Lemon Plant, Tomato Plant, Chilli Plant, Two Bonsai’s and several succulents all inside our small abode. Not to mention the giant leafed half tree in the bedroom which is almost taller than me.

At first, I was a little overwhelmed with all this greenery, however now I love to tend to them, water them and watch them grow each day. I really appreciate our little indoor greenhouse and the simple pleasure it gives me as I try my best to keep all these plants alive!

What simple things do you appreciate on a regular basis? Please share in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Seven Simple Things I Appreciate Right Now”

  1. I love the sound of your indoor garden.
    For me, I like a cup of tea in bed in the weekend and sitting in the sun reading or knitting.

    Liked by 1 person

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