Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia

What’s On My Travel Bucket List?

I am not one for setting too many hard goals when it comes to travel. I believe that if you set a goal to visit five places in a year and only manage four, you will feel like you have failed, when in reality you will have enjoyed four incredible adventures.

I do however have a travel ‘bucket list’ of places that I would love to visit before I am thirty-something. Why this age? Because I think these are the places I would love to explore in my youth with my husband that we may not be able to get to as easily if we ever decided to start a family or invest in bigger financial commitments.

People regularly ask us where we are thinking about heading next when it comes to our adventures. Honestly, until recently, I felt a little apprehensive about sharing our bucket list. I think it’s because we have had it for years, but also because I feel that by sharing, people will expect to see us visit the below places in the coming years. Especially as we often book trips outside of this list, because we spot a good deal or just like the look of somewhere.

I also feel that bucket lists can be really personal, and often people may be shocked at your choices of places to visit because they don’t meet with their own expectations and dreams.

However the question keeps on coming, and I think that’s because I share so much other content relating to travel. So here it is, the Weir Travel Bucket List for the next five-ish years…

Note: The places highlighted as visited are places we have been together rather than individually.

the weir

Out of all the traveled places we have been to so far, my top three would have to be Cuba, Amalfi Coast and San Francisco.

If you want to download a blank copy and check it off or use it yourself, click here to download and then print. I would love to hear where you think we are missing, or how many on our list you have checked off, or top tips for the places we have yet to adventure to!



2 thoughts on “What’s On My Travel Bucket List?”

  1. Oh so many are on my list right now! I just started travelling internationally 2 years ago (with the exception of Canada, which is close to where I live in the U.S.). Iceland was my first overseas (LOVE LOVE LOVE) and China my second (last year). We were intending to go to Italy this year but I’ve had surgery and with our vacation schedules I’m not sure we will make it work, but I can’t wait! 🙂


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