Why I Am Trying To Make My Instagram More Personal

Instagram has recently been ranked as the worst social media platform for well-being and positive mental health. Users stated that although the tool was fantastic for self-expression and creativeness, it also evoked high levels of anxiety and negative feelings. One main reason? FOMO – fear of missing out.

I think we are all guilty of only posting the positive. Sharing pictures where we look good, adding filters to hide the flaws and only uploading when we’ve been doing something particularly interesting. And why not? Our feed is something we curate. Something we want to look back on and feel good about the memories. We want to share with the world the good that is going on in our lives.

Personally it’s my favourite social media platform, however I too have to admit I am also the first to get pangs of insta-envy when I see good food, good travel or good experiences on a feed when I am sat in bed in my pyjamas.

I love that you can share updates with nothing more needed than a quick snap. A collection of your life through the eye of a lens over the many years. Like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Which is why in a way I love the new stories option. I am also a big fan of these new Instagram story templates that keep popping up on my feed. I think they add a personal touch and insight into the lives of the people behind our photos.

It brings a little more reality, humanity and personalisation into a platform of perfection. People share a lot more ‘real-life’ on stories because it lasts just 24 hours. It’s erasable.

So in the spirit of being a little more ‘real-life’ and authentic, I am taking a break from posting about dream travel destinations and minimalistic lives to share some insights into the person behind the blog (also inspired by the great feedback from my insta-poll last week).

I am going to use one of the new stories templates I have created and you can save for use on your own platforms as a prompt.

Which do you prefer_

My Answers

Definitely a morning person – I can’t usually stay awake past 10pm most evenings. I am usually tucked up with a lemon and ginger tea and a book by 9pm.

Savoury always

Staying in – I love to explore, but nothing beats a good night in. I’d rather a home cooked meal, a good book and a glass of red wine over a night in a fancy bar any day.

Read a book – Nothing beats a good book. The smell of a newly opened novel. The way you just lose yourself in an alternate universe.

Coffee – A self-confessed addict here. Also, it’s pretty difficult living in Yorkshire and not liking a standard cup of tea. I get a lot of odd looks when I state tea is not for me.

Winter – I love, love, love the warmth of the sun and the goodness that vitamin D does to our minds and body, but nothing beats a cosy winter feeling. Roaring fires, good food and jumpers galore. I’ll take a cold snowy night in over a summer BBQ any day.

Bath – Heaven in a tub. No further explanation needed.

Wine – Although don’t get me wrong, I love a good refreshing cold beer too.

Organised – If you get to know me well, you will learn I am frustratingly organised (and maybe a little bit of a control freak because of it). The true mother hen of the group, the designated passport holder, the one booking airport transfers and ordering birthday experiences nine months in advance. I love a good list, plan, rota and don’t get me started on itineraries.

Hopefully this has given you some insight to the person behind the blog. Is this a good format? Should I do the same for the story templates below?

Click to open and save yours to your phone, and upload to Instagram to make it more of an authentic, human behind the photos, place to scroll.

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