Three Questions Everyone Should Be Able To Answer

Life isn’t always simple. There are times where it can feel overwhelming, and there are times where it might just feel like it is going to plan. However, one thing is for sure, life is here to be lived, to be enjoyed, and we only get one real shot at making the most of it.

Right now you may not be able to predict what life looks like for you in five years. In fact, you may not even know what you’re planning to eat for dinner tonight, and guess what, both situations are totally okay.

Nonetheless, I feel that you should always be able to answer the following three key questions if you are truly going to make the most of your lifetime.

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What are your main priorities?

Honestly, days fly by so quickly for me now that it feels like I blink and a month has passed. With this is mind, it can be easy to let time pass without really thinking about what has filled it. Very suddenly frantic days turn into frantic months, and without realising I have transitioned into the second half of the year and people are already planning their winter sun holidays and festive gathering.

For me, this is okay as long as I regularly repeat and realign myself to my main priorities, and make sure that 80% of what I fill my days with complements what’s on the priority list.

  • Family, cats and friends first
  • Travel as much as possible
  • Write, read and learn. Never stop being curious.
  • Health is key
  • Be successful in a career I love

If you can’t easily list at least three main priorities when asked, take some time to really think about what yours are. Then, make sure you shape your life around them, rather than letting your life pass you be and always thinking ‘next year I will make that change to make things better’.

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What are you truly passionate about?

Find your true passion, and make sure you devote your time to it. Do not be sat in twenty years’ time, filled with regret because you never started that night course, or choose to quickly do another load of laundry instead of putting in that extra hour to sit, paint and just enjoy yourself.

It’s never too late to find your calling. If you’re still not sure what it is, try out local classes, read about opportunities online, and speak to friends.

Quite often, people recognise you for something you haven’t even realised you’re good at.

Find what you’re good at, and then devote your time to it. Own it, make it your craft, and above all, enjoy it!

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What makes you happy?

It’s really important to know what it is that makes you feel good. Big or small.

Whether it’s a relaxing bath or spending time outdoors, know what makes you feel happy. Put aside time to indulge as often as needed.

For me, reading is almost a daily requirement. I love to take a long lavender oil scented bath at least once a week, and getting outside and disconnecting for hours is a regular must.

Know what you need to feel good, and don’t deny yourself. If you are feeling your best, you will perform at your best.

If you can’t answer the above. Spend some time reflecting on the questions and see if you can develop your answers over time. It’s powerful to know what you are passionate about, what drives you, and what truly makes you happy. 


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