Proud To Be Launching The Extraordinary Ordinary Series.

As I near closer to celebrating completing yet another lap around the sun, I have been thinking about what I have been working towards, producing and dedicating my time to over the last 365 days.

One thing I haven’t started, that I have always wanted to, is moving my blog from a minimalism platform, to more of a lifestyle and content hub. A place to find travel guides, book reviews, latest recipes and of course, a sprinkling of minimalism articles from a community of like minded people.

So this last month, I have worked hard. The site has had a redesign, the blog is relaunching, and excitingly I will now be sharing more content from not only myself but from wonderfully inspiring other people too!

First up in the new launch is the thing I am most proud of:

The Extraordinary Ordinary Files

Look out for my new bi-weekly series, the extraordinary ordinary. A series of twelve questions I will be asking to people who we interact with on a daily basis to discover what makes them wonderful.

Too often, we hear advice from the people at the top of their respective fields, the movie stars and those who have made a name for themselves. Rarely do we listen, ask and learn from the people who are living extraordinary lives away from the cameras, press and publishers.

On an almost weekly basis I am inspired by the lives, stories and lessons I learn from people within my own social circle. They encourage me to go after my passions, to love with no restrictions and to strive to be the very best I can be.

My mission over the next year is to uncover the incredibly valuable learnings, lessons and guidance from the people who are living extraordinary, wonderful lives.

Whilst collating it all, I will be looking for key trends, insights and valuable learnings we can take from people who are in the field you may wish to work in, or have the confidence you wish to emulate, to work out, are there any traits they share that make them good at what they do.

So, if you are a cleaner by day but a world class pop-up chef by night. If you have incredible organisational skills which have made you succeed in life, or you are really just being the very best at whatever you do, I want to hear from you.

You’re all extraordinary, but we are also all ordinary. So let’s learn from each other, and get to know the people we share our days, lives and hours with, rather than trying to emulate the life of a reality, sports or rock star who quite honestly, has lived a very different life to us!



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