Five Emerging Trends I Am Going To Be Embracing

Usually I am not one for following the latest trends or fashions. I believe more in finding your own personal style, taste and passions and honing and curating that over a lifetime.

However due to my job, I regularly am aware of rising trends before they become a ‘thing’, thanks to the power of data and digital signals.

There are several key trends that I personally think I am going to get behind over the next year, which keep coming up in my reading.

Eating depending on your need or mood

This is a big one that I am starting to see more of both in my research but also when I am out and about, especially in London. The thing is, it really does make sense. If you are feeling tired, rather than just ordering your usual dinner in a restaurant, wouldn’t it be great if there was maybe a guide or legend that said all dishes with a little lightbulb next to it contained ingredients known to give you a natural energy lift.

I know you can take the time to work out this for yourself, but for convenience, I would love it if I could order a ‘calming’ or ‘energy’ coffee, rather than my standard Americano, which contained everything I needed to help balance my mood state.

There’s even an app you can use which suggests what you should eat depending on your mood called ‘Yolk!’.

bay beach beautiful blue
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Remote, more invested travel

It’s no secret that I try to travel a lot and I am happiest when my bag is packed and I am immersed in a new country, culture or cuisine. However I think I could be getting a lot more out of my trips if I tried a little harder. Remote hotels in unique places are becoming more popular, and it’s easy to see why. Away from the ordinary, a chance to recharge, rare that you’ll bump into fifty tourists all posing for the same selfie ten minutes after leaving the room.

Next year I am going to try and explore more of the extraordinary.

green leaf plant in brown pot inside room
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Outdoors indoors

Bringing nature inside has been a growing trend for some time now, and I have to admit I love it. The more plants we seem to fill our rooms with, the new botanical drawings we have acquired, and the more fresh local vegetables we are getting delivered, the happier, healthier and more relaxed we’ve become.

Getting back in touch with nature is an obviously popular new trend. It’s good for the soul. It’s good for the planet, and it’s good for you.

Natural beauty products

I used to buy a lot of my makeup, skin and haircare dependant on either friends recommendations or more often than not, brilliant advertising.

Now, I am seeking out the products that work best for me. Those which align with my skintype, intolerances, but more importantly, also are cruelty free, vegan and sustainable.

If you had told me years ago I would be putting a mushroom paste on my hair, washing my face with melon oil and taking my body lotion containers to get refilled rather than just buying online I would not have believed you. But now I do, and it feels good.

book chapter six
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Finding something to believe in

As we move to a more lonely, tech dependent age, more of us are turning towards spirituality or religion as a way to find purpose, collective values and a social community.

I again find this to be the case personally. I seek out groups of people with similar values and goals. Those who strive to live with less and minimally. People who love to travel. Those who like cats.

In a way, these small common interests begin to define us, and in a way we form little belief groups with a shared bond.

What trends, if any, will you be following this year?

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