Five Things I Do Every Day

Having a routine isn’t always easy, but it can be seriously rewarding. I am fortunate in that I was born with an inherent need to focus, and that I am naturally stubborn. This lends itself well to routines and staying on track.

I wouldn’t say that any two days I lead are the same, however there’s definitely some things that, situation permitting, I do every day.


Every single day I try to read something. It may be a chapter of a book, or even just an article online. I believe that as long as I keep reading, I will keep learning. As long as I keep learning, there’s so much more to discover and experience.

I will never know everything, but I will strive to understand different views, opinions and experiences on a vast range of subjects through the simple but striking power of the written word.

My biggest expenditure on non-necessary items? Books. I genuinely order 2-3 a week, as well as regular library trips. The Amazon delivery guy loves me.

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Have a sleep routine

I am a morning person, and really struggle to stay awake past 10:30pm in the evening. For me, a night-time routine is integral to ensuring I relax fully and therefore can start the next day on the right footing.

I go upstairs between 8:30 and 9pm after a long bath. I then take off my makeup, apply my facial cleansers and creams, and put on low lighting from the bedside lamps.

I make sure I change into something light and comfy, and then read my book, journal or plan upcoming articles for an hour.

When finished, I spray my lavender sleep spray, set my reminders for the morning (what big tasks do I want to get out the way first) and put on my eye mask. Last step – play storm sound white noise music using my little Alexa dot speaker to meditate to as I fall asleep.

Journal / Write

For the last few years, I have made it my goal to write something, anything, every single day. Whether it’s a sentence in my line a day five year journal, or a longer article, I just want to jot down something.

It’s good practice which has helped me be more disciplined on a day to day basis. Plus, I love to write. So by doing something I love every single day, I tend to have a positive moment no matter what else is going on.


Get moving

Even though I loved to say I exercised every single day, it’s just not the reality and looking forward I doubt it ever will be.

What I do try and do however is get moving in some form. It might be walking to work, or it could just be a quick ten-minute yoga session.

It’s really important that I do as it helps with my mental health, physical health and gives me some really important ‘me’ time to just reflect.

Have a work / life balance

A quote I once read which has really stuck with me, even though sadly I have long since forgotten who it was by is:

‘We often think mistakenly that success comes from the time we put into things, rather than the quality we put in.’

I think our culture puts a high value on people being busy, stressed or working long hours, and I don’t think it’s healthy.

It’s important to work hard, be the best you can be, but also value yourself, value your priorities outside of work, and experience life and all it can offer.

Work smarter, not longer. Give priority to the tasks which make a difference. Don’t wear being ‘busy’ as a medal.

What do you like to do every day?

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