Episode 04 – Steve Larkins: The Extraordinary Ordinary Series.

Steve is a unique performer, who currently tours the world delivering his one of a kind, theatrical salute to Freddie Mercury and the music of Queen.

You can see one of his shows if you are lucky enough to be on board one of the scheduled luxury and leading cruise ships of the world that he’s booked to appear on.

In addition to the above, Steve is a warm and caring family man. He puts family and people first, and this is clearly evident from the way people are always so excited and eager to see him when he’s visiting.


What makes Steve so extraordinary? I wanted to interview Steve for several reasons. He is clearly an incredibly talented man musically and creatively, and I know that his success as a performer would be hugely inspiring to anyone else looking to break into the industry.

His journey from someone with low self-confidence, to a performer in front of thousands is motivating, and perhaps can help others on that long journey to confidence and self-belief.

On top of this, Steve and his wife Sharon are regularly exploring the world, seeing one of a kind places and posting incredible photos and moments from their journey. Steve is a people person, and easily holds a conversation better than anyone else I have met. He talks with warm, ease and energy, and always has the most interesting topics of conversation to discuss.

Steve is a people person, a family man, a man of strong morals, and is always looking to be the best person he can be.

So here’s Steve’s answers to my core twelve questions:

What makes you happy?

Being around people who accept me for who I am. I love to be amongst loving people in a loving environment.

Which book had the biggest impact on your life?

The Bible. I am not a traditional Christian in the sense of attending a regular church any more, but throughout all my life, in all stages, the Bible and a connection has been there.

What quote or saying do you live by?

‘Do unto others’

How do you remain, or regain, your focus?

I like to practice self-examination and have self-check ins to make sure what I am doing is aligned to not only my moral compass, but also what I want to achieve and where I want to be in life.

What inspires you?

People of excellence. If you surround yourself with people who are better than you, naturally you’re going to be inspired, improve and be better.

What are your top three priorities?
  • My wife Sharon and my family
  • Doing and being the best I can be
  • Harmonising with people
What is the biggest misconception that people have of you?

That I am not all the other things I have answered to my questions. People can often see and be in awe of me as the ‘performer’. They think I am the person I am when I am on stage, but I am not.

You see this happening a lot in the industry I am in. People don’t realise you’re a normal person with normal feelings and thoughts, they just picture you as your stage personality.

What two purchases have you made this year that you really value or have had the most impact?

My Alexa speaker.

People at the drop of a hat I can get music to play, get the answer to a question or ask for a fact. I don’t even have to stop what I am doing or focusing on to find out.

My house.

This year I purchased my first house, and it’s pretty amazing considering it’s my first property. For me, this signifies a new chapter in our lives, and is the perfect place for us to connect with family, who I see as the most important extension of us. We can’t wait for people to visit us there. I get to think ‘this is mine’, and get to share it with others and make memories there.

Top tips for someone who wants to do what you do for a living or work in your field?

Surround yourself with people who are better than you as it naturally rubs off. Go to a singing teacher, attend a drama or arts school or join a band where you are the least talented member.

Immerse yourself in the new environment, and pick up your pace.

For me, Freddie is obviously my benchmark. Know where you are going, know your benchmark, and find others going in that same direction. You will all bring each other along the journey.

Oh, and never give up!!

What are you most proud of that you have achieved?

Career wise it’s being the front person in my own show. I have transitioned from someone with no confidence when I first started performing, I had no self-esteem as a teenager, to having a show and going out and doing the best that I can on a regular basis.

What is an unusual habit of yours?

Trying to be funny all the time.

What do you do every single day?

Make breakfast and a cup of tea for Sharon (his wife).

Try to have some kind of connection. Life can be a little bit of a dream and you can get distracted by other people’s opinions, thoughts or negativity. Plus, all the bad news shared daily online doesn’t help.

It’s important to have empathy, and to relate, but also to try and stay calm and connect to your own beliefs.

I wish I could meditate to help clear my mind, but I can’t, however I do listen to podcasts such as Steve from LBC every night when I go to sleep. Even if I get up in the night, I put the podcast back on to help me drift off again.

Oh, and I play Battlefield One as much as I can!


Thank you so much Steve. I have honestly learnt so much more about you from these twelve questions, and I love your perspective on the importance of connections and surrounding yourself with others. 

His key advice:

  • Be the best that you can be
  • Surround yourself with others on the same journey, and bring each other along 
  • Family, and being around loving people is really important
  • Don’t get distracted by other people’s negative outlook, remain true to yourself
  • Never give up!!

You can discover more about Steve Larkins Is Mercury Rising here, and watch some of his great performances. I promise you, they’re good.


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