My Bedtime Routine: Seven Tips To Sleep Better.

There honestly isn’t a day which goes by where I don’t seem something online relating to sleep, the importance of it, or the struggle people have with it.

One thing that we all know to be true is that consistently getting a good night’s sleep is essential if you’re going to remain at your peak.

On average, adults need between seven to nine hours sleep a night to fully repair and recharge. This can be harder to achieve in the ‘always-on’ world we now live in. There’s always something new on Instagram to read, streaming services have changed the way we access media, allowing us to binge watch or engage at any hour without restrictions, and as a whole we seem to be a lot more stressed and forever busy.

All the above conflicts with our natural need to rest.

This is why over the years I have honed a few little techniques which help me to switch off and get a good nine (yes, I am on the extreme of the spectrum and need a lot of sleep!) hours of shuteye every night. Luckily I am now pretty good at getting my needed quota each night thanks to the below and finding what works for me.

They may not all work for you, in fact they could all be the opposite of what you need. However if you are struggling to get consistent rest, maybe try the below routine one night and see if it helps.


No technology thirty minutes before bed

This one is really important, and something that I notice has an instant impact if I neglect it. No TV in the bedroom, no Netflix before bed, no last scroll on my phone down a social feed before snoozing.

Thirty minutes before I plan to sleep, I plug in my phone to charge, put it on do not disturb and set my alarms. Then it’s reading time, journaling time or just talking to my other half before bed.

Sleep sounds

I don’t know what I did for the first twenty five years of my life where I didn’t know about white noise apps.

If you live in a busy area, share a house or walls with noisy people, or on or near a main road, then a white noise app could help you drift off much quicker.

I use the ‘storm sounds’ ambient app on my Alexa device, so it starts to play automatically at a set time. It’s amazing how much sound a low-noise app can block out.


Sipping a warm cup of herbal tea is a great way to just slow down and reflect on the day. My go-to is Lemon and Ginger or Pukka Detox tea.


Bathe away the day

Light some candles, put on some relaxing music and use lavender bath oil to soak away the day. A good half an hour in the tub is the best way for me to clear my mind.



As already alluded to in the above, I use several lavender based products in my nighttime routine. Lavender bath oils, pillow spray, or essential oils to burn on my oil burner. Either way the smell just calms me, and makes me ready for bed!

I also love this new Linen Spray pictured above. It’s Vegan, smells incredible, and gives me that newly washed bedding feeling every night instead of once a week. Bliss.

Open curtains and eye mask combo

I sleep with the curtains open, to wake with the sun. However when I first go to bed, I pop on an eyemask as I find it helps me switch off and fall asleep easier.

In the middle of the night when I wake up, I take it off and go back to sleep mask-less.


It’s not my evening routine as much, but every morning when I wake up, I slowly drink my way through a litre bottle of water as I wake and read the news, do my hair and makeup and cuddle the cats.

Do you have any sleep routines or tricks you swear by to get a good night’s sleep? Please share with me in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “My Bedtime Routine: Seven Tips To Sleep Better.”

  1. i have a strange technique that I’ve never fully mansged to articulate but when I shut my eyes I essentislly follow any image my mind is putting in front of me. Can be colours, shapes people – often ends up morphing like some sort of kaleidoscope. This always me to shut off the world and drift into my dreams. Weird, but it sure works


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