How We Travel So Often When We Have Pets – Our Top Tips

It’s no secret that we both travel frequently for work and also leisure. Whether it’s a quick weekend away by train or a long haul vacation, there’s a number one priority for us to address when it comes to travelling, even before we book a flight, hotel or plan an itinerary. Making sure our two cats are well taken care of during our absence.

If we couldn’t secure trusted and comfortable care for our pets then the travel wouldn’t happen because for us they are the highest priority. Living abroad also brings a new element of challenge. Sometimes we used to be able to rely on the incredible kindness and support from family and friends for sitting, we no longer have that option now we are more remote.

Thanks to a great recommendation, we have been able to continue adventuring with the peace of mind that our pets and home are well taken care of. These days, for nearly every trip, we use the incredible Trusted Housesitters website. By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post for this service (I doubt they would pay me for my moderate traffic), it’s truly a website I want to shout far and wide about to help others in need of pet care, or free accommodation abroad when travelling.

Trusted Housesitters is a platform that connects people needing pet care with trusted travellers who are looking for accommodation. It’s a simple exchange, free pet care for free accommodation. Everyone wins!

The site allows you to list the dates you are away, along with a profile of your home, pets and their needs. From this, potential sitters apply to come stay and you can message them, explore their profile and read reviews from previous verified sits they have completed to ensure you have the right person for your home and pets. So far, we have hosted five wonderful sitters, and will continue to do so in the future.

The peace of mind of the reviews, third-party platform to communicate through, and the option to Skype chat with them ahead of the stays are really comforting. As people who haven’t put their cats in kennels for personal reasons (not against other’s choosing to do so but it’s not something we would like to do ourselves) this is a way we have managed to maintain our travel goals whilst keeping the furry ones happy.

It costs around £90 a year for membership and then it’s free to list as many stays as you need. For us, that’s the price of an independent sitter for one day, so it’s really worth it.

We were nervous the first time we left but now we are really comfortable and happy with the process. Plus, the reviews on our profile about our two cats having distinct ‘characters’ always make us laugh. It’s refreshing to know you’re not the only ones who think your cats are weirdos.

It’s a service we also hope to use for accommodation too in the near future. The thought of combining a holiday with a friendly household pet to come home to each day sounds too good to be true. There’s listings worldwide, and some of the places look truly incredible.

If you are looking for a cost-neutral and trusted way for your pets to be taken care of during any future trips, or local free accommodation in return for walks and feeds, then I would really recommend checking the site out.

Plus, if you ever want to come and look after Arthur and Margot, we’d love for you to explore Switzerland through our home.

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