M Insider: The Monthly Roundup – November Edition

M Insider is a collection of things that at this moment, I think are truly brilliant. It might be a new destination, an ingredient I can’t believe I haven’t cooked with before, or a travel app that has just gone and made life abroad so much easier.

Here’s the second instalment of the M Insider Monthly Roundup, looking back on November 2019.

Longchamp Card Wallet

This year for my birthday, my husband got me this gorgeous new Longchamp card wallet, and I honestly haven’t considered switching back to a bulkier purse since. It fits easily into any bag, clutch or pocket; it holds all the essentials (cards and notes) and has space for a photo or note should you wish to carry one.

It’s the time of year to declutter, and what better way to start than with your wallet that you use every day. Say goodbye to those old and useless loyalty cards, and streamline your purse for 2020 in style. Kyran also switched from a usual wallet to a cardholder after seeing mine in use, so it is also a great gift idea for men too this winter.

Tromso – The Perfect Winter Holiday

Exploring the Arctic Circle, chasing the northern likes, hiking around snowy fjords. Do I really need to go on? We recently got back from our anniversary trip to Tromso and I wholly recommend that anyone who is looking for an incredible winter break this year should book a flight to this northern Nordic destination.

You can fly with Norwegian Airlines directly from many larger airports. Just pack many layers, it’s very cold!

Panasonic Lumix DC-GX 80 Camera

The best camera we own for taking great photos on the go, without having to carry around a bigger DSLR. It’s perfect for travelling, and even allows you to change the lenses depending on your need. We love the phone syncing option that allows us to instantly download images to our smartphones for ease of editing and sharing without cables or internet connection.

There’s a touch screen, great control of manual settings, and it looks gorgeous and retro too.

Christmas Tea

I recently came across this flavour of herbal tea and I am now pretty much obsessed. If you want warmth and comfort in a mug, look no further than this magical blend of spices and flavours.

Vegan Katsu Curry

Katsu curry is one of my all-time favourite dishes. There’s just something comforting about it. I really like this vegan version of the curry, where instead of breaded chicken, you have vegetables under that delicious spicy sauce.

To make it, we add our own twist. Instead of breading whole slices of sweet potato or aubergines, we make vegetable fritters by blending leftover vegetables and seasoning – I think it’s more flavoursome this way. Plus, to make the sauce, invest in the S&B golden curry cubes. We got told in Japan that people always use these rather than making from scratch as they just taste so good and it’s hard to replicate.

There’s a great recipe for it here if you want to try it at home.

Get Your Guide

We love to book a tour or experience whenever we are away, because no matter how much research you do, you really don’t know a place like the locals. Get Your Guide is one of our favourite sites to book these excursions through for several reasons. You can change and cancel bookings up to 24 hours before they start, allowing for great flexibility, there’s loads of great reviews, and the variation of things on offer is amazing.

We’ve booked a cooking class, photography class and local food tour via here all in the last three months. I would really recommend it.

Pocket Yoga App

Yoga is good for your body and your soul, and the best thing about it is that you can pretty much do it anywhere if you have enough space to stretch out.

This is why I love the Pocket Yoga App. It allows me to practice yoga daily wherever I am, which is especially useful when travelling. The app talks you through all the moves, and gives you visual and audio guides to support you. A little bit of yoga goes a long way. It’s been especially good during my pregnancy, so I would recommend this as a great download for any mums to be out there

The Crown – Season Three

I don’t think this needs much of a description, other than just watch it! I absolutely love The Crown series on Netflix and so was super happy when the latest season dropped.

The new cast is great, the plot as always is well-written and it’s a fantastic form of escapism when travelling or winding down for the night.

Brown Paper Wrapping

Forget fancy wrapping, bows and glitter this festive season, and instead opt to wrap your gifts in rustic and more importantly, recyclable brown paper.

A huge majority of wrapping paper actually can’t be recycled due to the coating used, so this year, do the planet a favour and wrap your lovely little bundles of joy in some vintage looking brown paper. There’s some great ideas on Pinterest on how to make it more personal using stamps, or natural decorations if you want to spruce it up a little.

The Uninhabitable Earth – A Story Of The Future

My sister gifted me this fantastic book for my birthday this year and it’s not only an eye-opening read, but also really interesting at the same time.

It’s not a book for the faint hearted, and it doesn’t sugar coat the situation we are really in when it comes to our planet and the future of humanity.

Which is why I think it makes it even more important to grab a copy and give it a read. We have an awful lot to learn from this brilliant Author.  

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