M Insider: The Monthly Roundup – December Edition

M Insider is a collection of things that at this moment, I think are truly brilliant. It might be a new destination, an ingredient I can’t believe I haven’t cooked with before, or a travel app that has just gone and made life abroad so much easier.

Here’s the second instalment of the M Insider Monthly Roundup, looking back on December 2019.

Zero Waste Travel Kits

When you are heading on a trip, whether it be a short weekend away, day trip for some exploring or a long-haul adventure, make sure you take a zero waste travel kit with you. This doesn’t mean you need to invest in anything new, just bring in your bag a few essentials to help you cut down on waste throughout your trip.

As a minimum, add a reusable water bottle, a good flask, re-sealable bags and a travel straw to your luggage before setting off. If you want to go a little further, invest in a washable wooden cutlery set, and be sure to pack your own toiletries rather than using hotel ones.

Sonia Moer Duvet Covers

We recently replaced both the duvet covers in our apartment for our bed, as well as the guest room. It was out of necessity that we replaced them both, one had a broken zip and one had been seriously cat pawed, so I wanted to invest in something that would last just as long and be comfy too.

After much review sourcing we went for the Sonia Moer covers, and can I just say they are amazing. They are soft, easy to clean and zip fastened for quick sheet changes. I was a little wary at first because of the price point (a lot lower than I have previously spent) but I am really impressed.

Polaroid Mobile Printer

For Christmas my husband got me this fantastic mobile printer, which allows me to print directly from my phone on-the-go. It’s been really good for adding in photos of my bump to my pregnancy journal, and for printing little memories to add to travel scrapbooks and albums. Plus, it’s really tiny, so you can just pop it into your bag and take it with you anywhere.


It always amazes me how few people I know use a VPN when it comes to internet browsing. We have been using one for a long time now, and the best we have experienced so far is NordVPN. It’s because it connects both on our laptops, but also has an app meaning you can log-in and use it via your iPhone and tablet devices as well.

A VPN has many benefits, but the biggest being increasing your online security when using public WiFI networks, remote access of content (for example streaming services we pay for in the UK that we would struggle to watch when travelling) and buying cheaper travel tickets (as flights are priced differently depending on the city you buy them from). 

Vox Videos

These short videos by Vox have recently become my new favourite thing to watch on the go or when relaxing in an evening. Each video is around fifteen minutes long, and they cover a wide range of topics from ‘The Bizarre Physics of Fire Ants’ to ‘Expensive Wine is For Suckers’. An easy way to build your knowledge on things you never knew you needed to know.

See all their videos here


Olaplex Shampoo

It took me a long time to justify spending over £25 per bottle of shampoo, no matter how many good things I heard about Olaplex. Then one day last summer, I was on a hen do, and one of the girls’ had the most incredible hair in such good condition. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out what her secret was based on this post.

I bit the bullet and got the No.3 hair perfector, and the No.5 conditioner. My hair has never been in better condition even with pregnancy hormones and regular blonde dye treatments.

If you are not sure if it’s for you, you can get mini-versions of them online for around £10.


We’ve started this a little later in 2020, as we have been travelling and visiting friends for the first week of the New Year, but now we are back in Switzerland we are both embracing Veganuary again.

What is it? A month where you follow a vegan lifestyle which hopefully inspires you to continue throughout the year, or at least adopt best practices and make positives changes with more conscious choices. You can sign up on their website, and they send you regular updates, motivational tips and recipes to inspire you.

I would recommend anyone starting this also takes a multi-vitamin and a B12 supplement throughout, to help support your body as you discover more about healthy plant based diets.


I absolutely love a Falafel, and my favourite recipe is the one from BBC GoodFood below, however I also add in some hot curry powder for an extra kick when making.

They are a great snack, lunch or dinner served with Pitta and salad. Plus, super cheap to make at home.


The Age of Surveillance Capitalism : The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power – Shoshana Zuboff

This book is incredibly powerful, and really makes you think. With the rising power of technology, we have to make a decision about how we want it to shape our future. Do we allow technology to enrich the few and impoverish the many, or harness it and distribute its benefits? It’s a must-read and it’s pretty hard to put down once you begin.

30 Day Minimalist Challenge

I created my own thirty-day minimalist challenge in 2017, after following a few online versions when I first started to embrace a lifestyle living with less. It contains all the best changes I personally found to be effective when exploring minimalism. If you want to follow this with me, I am starting tomorrow and sharing a challenge a day.

Whilst I can’t promise it will change your life, I can assure you that since living with less I have personally been more productive, happier, achieved more and found a real balance with my anxiety. Minimalism isn’t just about stuff, it’s about addressing everything that adds unnecessary noise and clutter to your life.

Try and stick to the 30 day challenge, or just do a few throughout the course and see if they have an impact.

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