How to start a blog today: Insider Tips and Guides

I have spoken to a few people recently who have told me they’d love to start blogging, but have a few reservations about getting started. The top things holding people back which I have heard time and time again are: I wouldn’t know what to write about I’m not technical People wouldn’t want to read…

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Digital Marketing Predictions: What to Expect in 2016

Digital advertising will move even closer to being the biggest platform for advertising. By 2018 experts predict that Digital will be the biggest platform for advertisers to market their brand and products. Revenue for digital advertising will surpass all other platforms, including television. Over the next year we will see a that a large amount…

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Why You Need To Be Analysing Your Social Media Marketing: What It Can Do For Your Organisation

You might find that monitoring and measuring your social media marketing can be a little trickier than a website or email campaign. However it is becoming increasingly important to measure and analyse social data, and all organisations need to be aware of this. You need to integrate it into your marketing strategy and ensure it…

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Let’s Talk About Content Marketing Strategy: What You Should Be Posting

Content marketing is becoming more important to digital marketers and marketing teams. Google’s algorithms are looking at whether your site includes quality content that reflects the more specific searches made by your audience on search engines. People have access to so much content these days they are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing…

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Seven Ideas To Inspire Your Christmas Digital Marketing Strategy (and how to do them)

Get yourself prepared. You know yourself that Christmas shoppers often fall into two camps. Team prepared and team last minute. I personally fall right into team prepared, almost edging into team far too eager, because I like to buy or make gifts that won’t become clutter in a few years, but still have a lot…

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Tweeter’s Block – 10 Quick Social Media Content Ideas

Sometimes as a digital marketer, with several social media sites to manage alongside my personal blog, I get what I call ‘Tweeter’s Block’. You have probably had it too. Even with a flawless year-long social media strategy, you might struggle to find fillers that engage with followers on a daily basis. If you ever find yourself thinking:

“What should I write or talk about today?”

You are probably in the top 99% of us who sometimes need some help to spark an idea about what to write about. Bookmark or print this list and see if it helps you over the next couple of weeks with what to share online.

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