9 Social Media Mistakes You Might Not Have Realised You Are Making

The majority of us now have and use social media on a daily basis. It is estimated that an average person will check their Facebook feed up to 14 times a day, and this is just from their phone. If you are promoting yourself, or an organisation, on social media, you need to be aware of how a few avoidable mistakes could be damaging your online brand and reputation.

We all want to grow our audience and followers online, and the best way to do this is to keep engaging the people who see your content. Make sure you are not making any social media faux pas by reading the top tips below.

1. Posting the same content on a regular basis

Take a moment to look down your Facebook Page, Twitter feed or Instagram photos. Give yourself a quick self-analysis about the content you have been publishing on a daily basis. Is it fresh? Is it reflective of current events in the media? Is it different to everything you are sharing below?

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Tweeter’s Block – 10 Quick Social Media Content Ideas

Sometimes as a digital marketer, with several social media sites to manage alongside my personal blog, I get what I call ‘Tweeter’s Block’. You have probably had it too. Even with a flawless year-long social media strategy, you might struggle to find fillers that engage with followers on a daily basis. If you ever find yourself thinking:

“What should I write or talk about today?”

You are probably in the top 99% of us who sometimes need some help to spark an idea about what to write about. Bookmark or print this list and see if it helps you over the next couple of weeks with what to share online.

Many of you may also know someone who doesn’t partake in social media or online blogging because they simply have no idea what to say or share. It is a tricky issue and you can often get round it by following a few golden rules and prompts.

1. Q&A – Share your knowledge!

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Social Media Frequency: Are you posting the right amount for optimum engagement?

If I was to ask you to recall a company who you think posts too frequently on Twitter or Facebook, or a Facebook Ad that you have seen that often in the last week you know it off by heart, I doubt it would take you too long to think of it.

I personally saw an advertisement for a gym clothing company with 20% my first order so many times, I ended up unfollowing them. This could be considered a loss for the brand, as I quite like their clothes and prices, and would usually be keen on any offers they had to share.

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4 Things to Share to Perform Better on Social Media

A lot of companies, individuals and brands now have a social media presence, but are struggling to engage with their followers and target audience. If you want what you are publishing to do well on social media, you need to think about what you are publishing, and when you are sharing it. You wouldn’t book a peak time train if you wanted the cheapest fare, just like you shouldn’t share something valuable and unique at midnight when most people are asleep.

This guide will quickly cover two things, what you can create that will get shared, and some rules about different content.

What you should be sharing.

  1. Lists

List content always works, for several reasons. Firstly, people just love an attention-grabbing top ten headline. Why wouldn’t I read an article telling me ten ways in which I can be healthier tomorrow, or 5 tips for making my content go viral? We as people love to improve, and learn new ideas and tricks.

List posts promise the reader that they are going to get something out of reading the post, which is always a bonus. However you need to make sure you are delivering quality content, this is essential for keeping the reader happy and coming back for more. So, let’s think about two types of frequently shared lists you could post to improve engagement and sharing of your content.

  • Six ways to save money this week – This is a great example of an informative list that will only fail if you don’t provide good content and advice that will actually help your readers. The classic list format that is as reliable and easy to write. If you’re a world class knitter, share your knowledge. Are you a savvy bargain hunter, tell people your top tips!
  • Four types of people in the workplace, where do you fit in? – this is a really interesting list format as it draws on people’s interest in discovering more about themselves, and also is informative at the same time.

2. Original Content

One of the best things you can do to engage with people on social media, is to create content they really want to share. It is now relatively easy to design your own infographs, thanks to Piktochart (www.piktochart.com) so you can quickly create a sharable and informative piece of original content that will improve your social media standing. Own a restaurant, why not take pictures of your food, share them and also give out the odd free recipe. Have a hair salon? Write a handy guide about cutting your own fringe at home in between trims (video works best here guys!) and your followers will really appreciate it. It goes much further than a retweeted photo that has been seen hundreds of times before.

Above all – It is uber important to make sure your informative is relevant and easy digested. Make sure you are posting something people want to use there and then – there’s no point making a lovely infographic about BBQ glazes in the cold icy winter!

3. Videos (especially how-to guides)

Video is currently taking the crown as content king, all you need to do is look at the pages and pages of recent statistics to see this. YouTube gets over one billion unique visitors…a month. Think about how many videos you watch a week, how many funny cat compilations you have shared in your lifetime, it sure does add up. So, what can you do to share you content using the power of video to engage more with followers?

  • Be creative – you need to make something that people haven’t really seen before, or take a different spin on a well-known formula.
  • Provide instructions – do you do something well? Are you a world class stylist or a leader in the boardroom who can share tips on growing confidence? Tell people about it. So many videos on YouTube and across the web are there to tell us how to improve in some way or another.
  • Make it shareable – funny content is always a winner here, but it isn’t the only option. Just always have the phrase ‘would I watch and share this?’ in mind from concept through to completion.
  • Can’t afford the professionals? Then make use of Vine – 6 second long clips that have the possibility of going viral if you fill them with the right content. Are you a bar? Show how to make a cocktail in 6 seconds or under! And feature a new one each week.

4. Images

People are more drawn to visual content, and by using images as part of your social media strategy, you will increase engagement. If you picture your Twitter feed, you can see rows and rows of 140 characters or less. If you were to post an interesting and unique image in the middle of all this, you will have already broken the mould and gained your followers attention.

It’s not surprising that users are more likely to engage with a brand if they post pictures, when social media really has entered the ‘visual age’. So what key things do you need to remember when posting visual social media content?

  • Instagram is the social media platform to be on, with more daily users than Twitter. Brands have really started to engage with the photo sharing platform, but in 2015 you need to be embracing it for all that it can do. Make sure your taking interesting images, hashtag them appropriately, and talk to your followers. A comment can go a long way!
  • Canva – this great website means you can make beautifully designed images to go on your blog posts, Facebook headers and Twitter feeds in minutes, with no design background. Make sure your content has a striking visual element to it by spending a short space of time on Canva today.

And finally, the main message running through this blog post is that your content needs to be original, needs to be interesting to your audience and relevant. If you are making sure each and every post ticks these three boxes, then you are already well on your way to making your social media posts engage more and perform better.

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Developing Digital – Why You Should Support Others

In this digital age, it is almost necessary for companies and organisations to promote themselves on the glorious world wide web. From a small Etsy shop selling earrings to a large corporation, digital marketing and online promotion is essential for making sales, engaging with customers and growing a brand.
Don’t have a website. How are people going find out about you? I recently needed to find an open all night pharmacy and you can guess who I chose – that’s right, the one at the top of my Google search. Same for plumbers, food takeaways and how-to videos.

Now I am not saying that word of mouth is dead, but these days, it is all too convenient to find what you need with a quick search. So what about the organisations who can’t afford to hire someone to build them a website? How do businesses who have no social media experience or platform share their message and engage with customers online? How do charities spread the word online without spending money to hire a digital specialist?

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How To Get Your Dream Job in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is becoming a key focus for almost all businesses and organisations, and this is a trend that will only grow as we move through 2015. Everyone is feeling the ‘pull and power’ of digital sharing and the opportunities it can offer, one top tweet can make a brand, where as one bad tweet could have an on-going negative impact.

This is excellent news for those of you out there who want to break in to the industry and secure your dream top job in the digital marketing arena! If you love social media, are passionate about SEO or have crafty hands that make dreamy pieces of artwork and design, then this could be the field for you. Want to know how you can get your dream role? Well I have a few tips and stories from my experiences that may just help you out!

Experience, experience and you got it…more experience

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Five Essential Tools To Help Anyone Design

One of the biggest hurdles in managing your own digital marketing campaigns is making sure everything you put out there in the eye of your customer looks great. You might find that you have lots of free and helpful advice from all quarters of the internet on when you should post, what you should post, and how you should post to different social media platforms. However it is tricky to make what you are putting out there look professional without any prior training or ‘natural ability’.

Luckily for those who are new to the digital marketing world, or don’t have the spare funds to commission external design work on a regular basis, a few incredible (and free) platforms and websites are available for you to use as often as you need to.

I personally think these sites are the way forward, and provide a great basis for learning design basics so that if you are ever keen to take the plunge into hand-crafting your own artwork, you have a good foundation already.

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Digital Marketing Trends Predicted for 2015: Why They Matter To You

Digital Marketing has become a central and indispensable tool for brands wishing to make an impact over the last five years. It is a platform on which small and large businesses alike can make their footprint, boost sales and gain loyal customers.

Technology is continuously developing, and this means our online marketing needs to keep up. Take a look at some predictions for 2015…

1. Mobile Video

There’s no denying that online video consumption is at an all time high, with the average person spending five hours a week watching media online, may that be TV, short videos or films. The majority of people are watching online videos through mobile devices, and this number will only increase in 2015.

What does this mean for you?

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