30 Day Minimalism Challenge – Can You Live More With Less?

You voted, and I heard you loud and clear. So here it is, the 30 day minimalism challenge from The Essence of Things, ready for us to take on together one day at a time.

You might be feeling a little frantic, or perhaps you are just yearning for a simpler but more rewarding life with more time and energy to pursue experiences  with the people you love. Whatever your motive may be, take these next 30 days as an opportunity for a fresh start.

I will be documenting my experiences and findings each and every day as I work my way through the challenge, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it to.

Are you ready? Let’s stop the excuses and start living a less busy, more incredible life today.

Starting tomorrow: Challenge number 1 – Wardrobe Spring Clean

If you are more of a print and cross it off kind of person, there’s a PDF version of the challenge available here